Today’s guest post comes to us from Carmen Salazar Photography. Not only does she shoot weddings, but she also does Boudoir shoots. I’m sure a lot of you might feel intimidated by them, DON’T BE! Carmen has prepared a post that gives you some inside tips on how to get the most out of your session!

Hello Boudoir Beauties-to-be! Wedding season is just around the corner and we know you ladies are busy planning your big day for this year and next. We’ve been asked lots of great questions about boudoir photography and the service that separates us from the pack. We figured a lot of you may have similar questions so we’re going to demystify the world of boudoir photography and why you should become a Boudoir Beauty!

Carmen Salazar Photography WeddingPhotoLove

First and foremost, boudoir photography isn’t about being the perfect size, shape or number on the scale.

It’s about celebrating the curves, the personality and the beauty within each and every woman. Many women come in with the intent of doing a session as a gift for their honey but find that the experience is also a gift to themselves. You’ll find yourself on a pure empowering high from the experience for weeks!

As much as we love our curves I do hear a lot from ladies that they want to lose a few extra pounds before scheduling a shoot. Honestly, how long have many of us waited to do things because we wanted to lose an extra 5 or 10 pounds! I can totally relate! But be assured, each image you take home will have the ultimate in retouching and will receive a little digital help in all the right places to make you look your very best – I swear!

Carmen Salazar Photography WeddingPhotoLove


Ladies, it’s alright to be nervous – every woman is that walks through our studio doors. You’ll be greeted with a glass of champagne to help ease those nerves and then head into hair and makeup with one of our professional stylists. We promise that once your stylist is finished and you put on that first outfit – you’ll feel like your ready to be an Angel on the Victoria’s Secret runway! Watch out Heidi Klum! You’ll feel transformed and ready for your closeup!

Carmen Salazar Photography WeddingPhotoLoveNot sure how to pose or if you’re making awkward faces that are less come hither and more ticked off?!

Not to worry – you’ll find me rolling around on the floor or bed showing you how to pose and coaching you into those penetrating looks and bedroom eyes that your honey will thank me for!

Carmen Salazar Photography WeddingPhotoLove

And lastly…the biggest question of all…WHAT DO I WEAR!?

Well first off, I specialize in classy and tasteful boudoir and pinup photography that is similar in style to images you might find in Maxim, Playboy or Victoria’s Secret. We tailor your shoot to your comfort level and you decide how much of your beautiful self you’d like to reveal in your images. When you book your appointment we’ll send you our prep guide that gives you styling ideas and how you’ll need to prepare for your shoot. We also have a small wardrobe of furs, boas, lingerie and heels that our clients can use for their shoot as well. So no need to run out and purchase La Perla’s newest collection…unless you want to!