One of my favorite artists and designers on WeddingInviteLove, Courtney Khail Stationery & Design, is here to talk about a beautiful new invitation design of hers! Such beautiful paint and handwriting — this invitations would blow me away if I got them in the mail.

I created these invitations for Stephanie and Josh’s summer wedding. They knew they wanted to use my bee/honeycomb design (which I was very excited about because it is one of my favorite designs to paint) but virtually let me have free rein on designing the different layouts options. I personally love the look of combining type with handwritten elements so I made sure to include that in one of the design options I sent them and happily they loved it as well.

By having their names handwritten, they not only jump out at you first, but they also bring a more intimate feeling to the invitation. (And because I printed the pieces from an original as opposed to hand writing each one, I was able to provide them a touch of my handwritten option without the handwritten price tag.)

As an extra touch, I carried the honeycomb design over onto the back of the invitation where my logo sits. This way, if their guests did the Hallmark card flip (something I’m very guilty of) they would be met with an unexpected burst of color instead of just a plain white back. It’s all about the little things, right?

Thank you Courtney! See more of Courtney’s beautiful stationery work on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her website.