Are you stumped when it comes to choosing wedding favors for your guests? Fear not! Today we’re joined by Jessica Bowler of Printsome who has a bevy of fun and unique favor ideas. Enjoy:

One way you can really make your wedding memorable for your guests is to give them something nice to go home with. We’ve taken inspiration from trade show giveaways for original ideas you could work into your wedding that your guests will appreciate. Here are some ideas for creative ways you can make your wedding one to remember.

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Something Tasty

Food gifts are generally something that your guests will like. Who doesn’t like eating delicious stuff? You could create little s’mores kits, pots of jam with a sweet label or give away samples of a local product from your hometown or your wedding destination.

Check out these cute personalised packets of coffee beans guests can take home for a nice cup of coffee. Personalised candy is also generally a hit.

You could even create recipe cards to share your favourite family recipes with your guests on it, and maybe include a small jar of spices  with the recipe, or a board for chopping or cheeses.

A Cocktail Kit or a Special Liqueur

You could try this recipe for homemade limoncello, or make a small kit with a nice glass and the ingredients for your favourite cocktail.  Inscribed shot glasses are memorable, as well as bottle openers, corkscrews, and beer sleeves to keep your drinks cool.

Just make sure that if you’re giving away liquid stuff that it’s under 100ml. That way your guests can take it with them in their luggage when they fly home!

Tea and tea supplies

If you or you guests aren’t big drinkers, why not give them something to make tea with? You could give them tea towels to take home, tea infusers, or sampler kits of different tea flavours. Of course, biscuits are always appreciated with tea!

Useful Little Things

Lip balm might be great for a winter wedding, while if you’re having a summer party having some sunglasses on hand would be much appreciated. You could also have flip flops or shawls on hand for your wedding guests to make sure they’re comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Having a destination wedding? What about some custom luggage tags?

Canvas tote bags have been popping up all over the place lately, and they’d also make a nice practical thing to give to your guests. Things like soaps in pretty packaging and customized metal water bottles would also work for the same reason.

Looking for something a bit quirkier? Try this cool product, DrinkLip, which is a great way to hold lots of stuff (like your phone, your office stuff, plants, or a cup of coffee).

Something Tech-Related

Have you thought about giving your guests something like a pen drive, a suction phone holder or a on-the-go power bank, or even this password reminder book? Everybody’s plugged in these days, so chances are they’ll probably find a very good use for a tech-related party favour.

Photo Booth Pictures

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way for guests to get into the party spirit, and they also walk away with a fun memento as a bonus.

Succulents (or Seeds!)

These little plants are so easy to take care of, and they can double as place settings at your ceremony. Even the least green-thumbed of your guests will be able to take care of a succulent!

You can also get seed paper, which is a sheet of biodegradable paper with seeds in it so your guests can plant them at home. These heart-shaped ones are especially adorable!

Notebooks or Journals

Create a notebook that has something special about your wedding or a love-inspired message on it. You could include some nice pens or coloured pencils with the notebooks. You could even do something like custom bookmarks. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top – sometimes simpler is better.

Custom Coasters

Did you know that you can get your Instagram photos printed on coasters? Yep, it’s easy and simple. You could pick a few favourites from your wedding to send to your guests after the ceremony. They might not use a set of coasters with close-up pictures of the happy couple, but if you pick photos of some of the details (the place settings or the scenery at your venue), you can create a really nice memento that your guests will love to use.

Lottery Tickets

Give everyone a ticket for a drawing that happens on the night of your wedding. Then cross your fingers and hope someone wins big! If you can get tickets for a drawing that happens during your ceremony, even better.

Charity Donations

Not into wedding favours in general? Why not consider making a small donation to a cause you care about instead of giving people a physical object? Do your research and choose a non-controversial charity that you can be reasonably sure most of your guests will support.

As you can see, wedding favours don’t have to be something your guests will throw away as soon as they get home! With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a wonderful gift to give your guests that they’ll really enjoy. What better way to say thank you to them for sharing your special day?

Jessica’s worked on everything from a celebrity gossip website to projects in corporate communication and PR. In her spare time, you can find her – well, you might have a hard time finding her, as she’s usually off travelling somewhere. You can read about her adventures at the Printsome Blog. To learn more about Printsome, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.