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Most budget-minded couples do not hire self-governing wedding planners, but you may choose that the expense of a wedding planner is wealth, the getting worse you will evade. For example, if you and your spouse-to-be are pressed for time or overwhelmed by the thought of finding and interviewing individual vendors, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner.

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In common, the prior you elect whether to hire a planner, the more worth you get for your money. Before you determine that you need a planner, though, find out whether your ceremony and reception venues have on-site wedding coordinators, whose services likely won’t cost you anything.

Working with an On-Site Wedding Planner

The on-site coordinator’s only job is to guarantee that entirety goes efficiently for your ceremony or reception, and her services typically are encompassed in the rental fee. She also can put you in touch with reputable vendors, saving you some legwork. At most venues, an on-site coordinator will:

  • Meet with you to discuss ideas for your ceremony or reception.
  • Help you plan a menu that outbursts your financial plan.
  • Create a floor plan for your reception, or provide floor plans options you can choose from.
  • Explain what the venue provides.
  • Organize food tastings (you may pay a fee for this).
  • Explain deposit policies and payment schedules.
  • Supervise the arrangement for the reception or ceremony.
  • Deliver a written cost estimation based on the scale and size of your wedding.

Choosing an Independent Wedding Planner

Independent wedding planners, who also call themselves bridal consultants or wedding coordinators provide a full range of services, from simple consultations to the arrangement of every detail of your wedding and reception. The service you get from a planner depends on what kind of planner you hire. Contemplate which of these three kinds of planners may be the finest appropriate for you:

  •  A planner who offers limited planning typically comes into the picture a couple of weeks before the wedding and makes assure that all the particulars are settled. Some only come in for the practice and the wedding itself to make sure the merriment run efficiently. Restricted planning services typically are paid either by the hour or on a flat-fee base that comprises a set number of hours.
  •  A planner who offers one-time-only initial consultations helps you establish your budget and timeline and gives you tips for working with vendors. He also may offer appointments to vendors in the area. These specialists classically charge on an hourly or per-meeting basis.
  •  A full-service planner who offers start-to-finish service will get to know you, your needs and your tastes, and he’ll help you in crafting a timeline and budget. He/she will make commendations for drink and food, help you to choose flowers and decorations that outfit your style and budget, and organize the colors, theme, and other particulars you choose. He has connections with a broad range of vendors and can help you find ones that fit your budget.

A wedding planner’s profession is to get you the best deal with vendors so you can have the wedding of your dreams while going on your financial plan. Tactlessly, it doesn’t always work that way in repetition. They “recommend” vendors, a wedding planner contract with often pay fees to the planner to get on his list. Even if the planner offers a recommendation as a “free” service to you, chances are the vendor pays the planner a commission, which obviously is passed on to you in the vendor’s bill.

Audrey Maria is the Owner, Lead Coordinator and Designer at Haute Couture Events. For many years she enjoyed planning events for friends and family but realized her passion was working with couples to plan their amazing wedding day. She will skillfully coordinate and plan your wedding day so that your vision comes to life.

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