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A token that you always keep close to your heart is the paper where you write your wedding vows. The one place that is the most sacred to you is the place where you pronounce, ‘I do’. That place will gather memories filled with a variety of emotions-happiness, nervousness, love, thrill and so much more. Yes, the wedding arch needs to be perfect to withhold all these precious moments of you and your beloved.

Perfection does not mean expensive décor or photogenic colors; rather it means what is perfect for your eyes and to your partner and the emotional value that it holds. Here are few pieces of advice that’ll help you make the right decision for your wedding arch decoration.

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Play with the Leaves

Fall weddings will suit you the most if you are the romantic kind. The weather is lovely and blessed with colorful leaves and wedding flowers. Fall leaves can be trendy, moody, bold, or passionate and at the same time delicate, elegant or eclectic. Something unique would be to decorate it with dark and lush leaves with a green arch. Red leaves could provide a strong essence to it. Orange and yellow leaves could be an interesting combination as well.

Get Creative with the Drapes

For indoor weddings, drapes would be a wiser option that goes with all seasons and colors. You can go with the safest option of getting a white fabric and mix and match it with your color scheme. Add twist and twirls to your drape, the way it makes you happy. The arch should reflect the couples’ personality along with the wonderful wedding theme.

Let the Flowers Talk Color

Something you can always associate your moods with is the wedding flowers. Each flower reflects a mood, a feeling, and an ambiance. When in doubt, always opt for floral arches. Your heart can never choose the wrong flower! Colorful garlands would look simple yet elegant if you want a small event with few close ones. Hydrangea, Ivory, roses, peonies, lilies, orchids pick any of the signature wedding flowers according to your theme and you will be just fine.

Experiment with Lights

Sea-shell wind chimes, chandelier, lanterns, fairy lights and the list go on for adding lighting to your arch. Colorful lights can be a bold move but who cares, it’s your wedding and you get to decide the colors. But yes, the safer option would definitely be to go with the clichéd white or yellow lights. Remember to decorate the aisle with lights as well to get the proper outlook. The lights will portray the bright future you see with your partner.

Write Down Your Thoughts. Literally.

The arch is special and you can always add a personalized touch to it with your innovation. Write a special message on your arch to inspire the other couples out there. Your love story is YOURS to tell and you can always share the love with your close ones. The writing can be a romantic one or just a word that holds significance for you. Be creative and plan your wedding in your style.

Go Rustic with Driftwood

For rustic or vintage weddings, driftwoods or wooden arches are the best deal. Decorate it with garlands, lilies or just a colorful drape and you got the job done. Wooden arches come in all shapes and sizes. At first, decide which size you would prefer and then plan on the next step. Whether you want a classic one or something with a pattern or unique style is yours to decide. The easier option would be to order online a common design wooden arch and then customize to your taste.

Photo Credits: Tayler Carlisle Photography, Alyssa McElheny Photography and Comfort Studios

Embrace the Scents

Sometimes the lovely fragrances itself are enough to lift your mood and create a warm ambiance. You and your partner worked so hard to make the day a success; you deserve to get the perfect ambiance on your wedding day. While choosing wedding flowers for your arch, choose the flowers with soothing fragrance, something not too strong or too light. The fragrance will help you with the nervousness while reciting your vows. There’s no need to worry about your budget because fragrance filled flowers come in all price ranges. For instance, hyacinth, lavender are of lower price range while garden roses and magnolia are of higher ranges.

There is a lot to do for your wedding but no need to panic at all. The day will be perfect as long as you and your partner are there for each other.

Alicia is a senior florist at Whole Blossom, a wholesaler of premium and fresh cut wholesale flowers. She has over 5 years expertise in floral design & arrangement. She has catered for several events including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, funerals, corporate events and special events.


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