The last few days I’ve been inspired and made a few radical and exciting changes to WeddingInviteLove:

  • Portfolio images are now first in profiles, since the design work of the vendors on WeddingInviteLove should be number one! I’m really excited about how this looks — a screenshot of the switched placement of the description and image can be seen above.
  • The profile’s sidebar is a’changin’ — as seen above, links are now located on right right, but most importantly, vendors can now add their real address and their phone number. Upgraded accounts also don’t have to choose between one extra URL on their profile, and instead can add both a “blog” and “online store” link.
  • WeddingInviteLove is now using Typekit. Skolar Web is now used heavily around the site, and it is a seriously gorgeous font. Props to Typekit for making the system so easy to use.
  • New icons everywhere! Seriously cuter. Check them out.

I think those are the major changes of note — I still am adding a few new awesome additions to the profile pages, looking forward to announcing them too!