This week’s featured invitation has really inspired me! I absolutely L-O-V-E backyard weddings. From the intimacy, to the charm to the feeling they evoke – I can’t get enough of them. So this week, I pulled a bunch of WeddingInviteLove designs that would be great for a backyard/garden wedding. Enjoy!


em papers designer WeddingInviteLoveem Papers


Hip Ink Designer WeddingInviteLoveHip Ink


Anticipate Invitations Designer WeddingInviteLoveAnticipate Invitations


Girl Metro Designer WeddingInviteLoveGirl Metro, Inc.


Whimsical Prints Designer WeddingInviteLoveWhimsical Prints


Akimbo designer WeddingInviteLoveAkimbo


The Occasional Hello Designer WeddingInviteLoveThe Occasional Hello


Greet Designer WeddingInviteLoveGreet


Darling & Dear Designer WeddingInviteLoveDarling & Dear


ALH Designs Designer WeddingInviteLoveALH Designs

Backyard weddings are a great way to go NUTS with details. Because you generally save on the cost of a venue, you have more money to use on the extra stuff. I put together a Pinterest board that’s full of great ideas for you!