One of the things I love most about invitations is that their design is only as limited as your imagination. No matter what the theme of your wedding, invitations can be tailored to fit even the most unusual of themes. I’ve rounded up some of our “non-traditional” invitations to inspire you:

weddinginvitelove invitation designer dogwood blossom stationeryDogwood Blossom Stationery– these invitations combine classic typography with natural 3D elements, giving them dimension and depth.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer something green weddings
Something Green Weddings– sometimes a “standard” invitation just won’t do. I love the PB&J card for fun Save the Dates!


weddinginvitelove invitation designer brooke photography & design
Brooke Photography & Design– why not get a little creative? Even if your wedding leans toward the traditional, your invitations can be a bit more “out there” by incorporating fun dimensional accents like this key.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer oslo press
Oslo Press– create true keepsakes that definitely won’t get thrown out by printing your invitations on wood!


weddinginvitelove invitation designer rotated designsRotated Designs– have a lot of information but want to conserve paper? These spinner invitations from Rotated Designs let you get a lot of information onto a relatively small space, and look great to boot.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer hoot invitations
Hoot Invitations– another keepsake invitation, guests can use the keyrings as paperweights, keychains, or even on top of gifts for wedding presents.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer classique memories
Classique Memories– having a destination wedding? Fun passport invitations are great for weddings abroad, or couples with a love of all things travel.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer paperwhites
Paperwhites– are the bride and groom big sports fans? This creative invitation included peanuts and crackerjacks, along with a “ticket” including all of the important information.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer lassod moon
Lasso’d Moon– another option for the eco-friendly couple, these invitations are not only printed on recycled paper, but they can also be planted! The seeds contained in the invitation will bloom into beautiful wildflowers- a great reminder of your special day.


weddinginvitelove invitation design uniquely inviting
Uniquely Inviting– sports fans, movie junkies, or anyone with a theatrical bent will enjoy these ticket style invitations.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer marit hanson weddings
Marit Hanson Weddings– bold black and white typography meets creative packaging in colored envelopes for a super contemporary and unique look.