Today’s fabulous DIY hashtag sign tutorial  (and free template!) comes to us from Carrie of MyCrayons, based in Hasselt, Belgium. Enjoy!

As the internet overflows with a plethora of DIY tips, tricks and inspiration, it’s no surprise to see the do-it-yourself movement extending to wedding planning at ever-increasing rates. In fact, it almost makes you feel guilty if you aren’t joining the club. While you may be inspired to skip the professional help altogether or find the idea of handmade projects entirely too overwhelming, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to do-it-all-yourself. Thankfully, there is no one formula.

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With this in mind, couples can now find professional-quality wedding templates for all the many, many stationery needs they can’t believe are on all those planning checklists. Everything from invitations to table numbers to signature cocktail signs and more. This printable stationery trend has found a particular home with reception signage. Many couples today are looking for budget-friendly ways to not only communicate unique aspects of their event (think coffee bars, wedding itineraries and photo booths), but also contribute to the cohesive look of their wedding decor.

Ok, but what exactly is a printable? A printable simply refers to a template that you will print on your own, whether at home or at a print shop of your choosing. Printables are delivered electronically, so through email or digital download, rather than being physically mailed to you. Some printables are print-ready with no editing required, whereas others have editable features so you can personalize it with your own details.

If you are doubting the strength of your computer skills, hang tight. Editing and printing a digital template might just be a little simpler than you think. Let’s take a look!

Step 1: Find a Template That Works For You

When purchasing a DIY wedding template that has editing capabilities, it’s important to consider format, namely what kind of program is required to do the editing. A few of the most common options you’ll find are Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Editable templates are usually not designed to work across multiple programs so be sure to choose a format with which you are comfortable.

For this tutorial, let’s jump on the increasingly trendy hashtag bandwagon and create a sign to let your guests know they can tag their fabulous photos with your unique wedding hashtag. We will be focusing specifically on editing in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is a free program that is available to both Mac and PC users. Follow along by downloading the latest version and snag your free hashtag template through these links: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Oh Snap Hashtag Sign.

Step 2: Editing – How to Make it Your Own

Follow this simple how-to video that will explain how to properly edit and save your template.

Step 3: Choose Your Paper

Printing on your own offers an additional freedom to experiment with a variety of papers to find the look that best suits your event. I recommend an uncoated white card stock between 100-120 lb cover as a standard option. But if you’re feeling adventurous, ivory, kraft, glossy and textured papers can work equally well depending on the design and your preferences. Our Oh Snap hashtag example uses dark navy lettering, so this can easily be printed on a variety of colored card stock.

Step 4: Print and Trim

Now that you’re ready to get this thing off the screen and into your hands, how should you print? Let’s explore the options:

Print At Home: If you have the materials available, printing from home is a great, cost effective option for small quantities of designs that won’t use a lot of ink (full color backgrounds get expensive at large quantities!). You will need access to a high quality color printer, heavy card stock and a paper cutter or x-acto knife for trimming. Simply cut along the crop marks as indicated around each card.

  • Tip: Always check your printer manual for the maximum paper thickness that it can handle to avoid jamming and keep your settings to “No Scaling/100%” to get the accurate card size.

Print Locally: If you don’t have the materials or desire to print yourself, simply take your edited PDF to a copy center like Staples, FedEx Office or your local print shop of choice. Most print shops offer a variety of paper options to choose from and can do the trimming for you as well.

  • Tip: While there are several great online printing companies out there, uploading an editable PDF is typically not recommended as the text can be stripped out when uploaded online. There are solutions for this, but that’s material for another tutorial!

Step 5: Frame and Enjoy!

With your cards now printed and trimmed, you can place them in a nice frame or holder to display around your venue. Et voilà!

Editable templates like this offer the perfect blend of professional design and DIY independence, giving you just enough flexibility without overwhelming you with advanced design software know-how. Happy planning!

Thanks, Carrie! For more information about MyCrayons, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their Etsy shop.

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