Do you remember Nathalie Portman and the ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied’s  magnifique wedding? They decided to incorporate her Jewish faith and the French touch into a sumptuous Vegan Style Wedding.  A successful ceremony conducted by the famous Yifat Oren.

Not only did this celebrity couple show their love for their partners, but also their love for Mother Nature as well as their eco-friendly values. With more and more couples wanted to have a healthier lifestyle and being eco-conscious, tying the knot vegan style is no longer unusual.

Whether you have Nathalie Portman’s budget or just $1000 in your pocket, everything from the food to the decorations can be vegan, recycled and DIY’d! By thinking outside the box, you can reduce the cost and the ecologic footprint of your wedding. Here are some helpful ideas to make your eco-friendly vegan wedding memorable.

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What to Wear: Blast from the Past

Would you splash out for a brand new wedding dress, would you? Of course you wouldn’t. Considering that it’s likely you’ll only wear the dress for one night in your life, it seems such a waste of money.

Why don’t you ask your mum, great-aunt, grand-mother, or other relatives whether they’ve kept their lovely wedding dresses? Something that has been worn by one of your family members is pretty magical.

Another option is to explore vintage fairs or to browse the tonnes of wedding gowns available on Etsy, from $75 you can get a lovely Boho dress. Just re-use and pass it on.

Image by Karienodalo

What to drink: Enchanted Bubbles

Setting an ethical bar starts with understanding what vegan drinks are. Basically, sometimes animal ingredients are included during the filtration process for alcoholic drinks.

Finding vegan drinks is not always easy, but the barnivore website has a whole directory of vegan friendly booze.

For more adventurous couples, why don’t you brew your own beer? Or for a romantic touch, have you ever thought about Elderflower Champagne?

Make your own Enchanted Elderflower Champagne

  • Gather 30 full elderflower heads on a dry summer day
  • Boil some water, pour 2 kg of sugar, stir and add up to 6 litres of cold water
  • Then, mix the juice of 4 lemons, 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar and the flower heads
  • Cover and leave it to ferment for at least 2 days, then add a pinch of dried yeast for more bubbles
  • Wait another 4 days, strain the liquid into champagne bottles, seal and leave for a week before serving!

Image by Beckayork

What to Eat: Bring a Vegan Dish

Many caterers aren’t familiar with vegan cuisine and it may cost you a fortune to ask them to adjust their menu for your wedding.

So, for the ones who want to have a yummy cruelty free wedding, ask your friends and family to contribute and bring a vegan dish to your wedding; they’ll learn about vegan recipes! Sort them by tables: salads, nibbles, savoury dishes, cakes.

How to start the reception? Always think about vegan snacks to go, just after the ceremony. The children will love a massive buffet of finger food; they’ll feel like they are at a kids party!

Image by stevendepolo

Bet on simple ingredients such as hummus, pita bread, salsa tomatoes, grilled aubergines and peppers, black bean dip then start with some non traditional hors d’oeuvres such as pesto canapés, cucumber & avocado sushi, roasted sweet potato & parsnips, olive tapenade, nuts and fresh figs.

For many non vegan guests, baking the cake can be a bit dubious. From Banana Cake to magic chocolate cake, the choice seems to be very wide. You could share your favourite baking recipes with your friends at your hen do.

Making the right decision on the food, drink, clothing, decorations and all the other tiny details is always a bit overwhelming, but the result – a cruelty free wedding with a touch of quirkiness – will definitely worth it! Any other vegan-style ideas?

Elise Lévêque is a lucky bride-to-be who loves blogging about wedding planning, especially for Wedding and Party Store. Elise hopes to make her wedding day as eco-friendly as possible.