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Budgeting your wedding is no easy task—and it’s probably the least fun part of the wedding planning process. Sometimes life events cause the budget to grow or shrink. Fortunately, there are many ways to cut down on wedding costs and keep your expenses low. Cutting down costs always means that a level of compromise is involved. However, compromise doesn’t mean that the wedding still won’t look as beautiful as you always dreamed it would. Here are a few ways to cut down on costs while still throwing a fabulous and seamless wedding that will be remembered by your entire party.

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Flowers are easily one of the most expensive details of a wedding. One of the first things you can do is to find a florist who will fit your needs. If you inform them of your budget constraints, they should still want to work with you—it’s their job to sell you flowers! Plan to say, for example, how much you plan to spend per table. Also, choosing in-season blooms will be a better bet. Not only does it complement the theme of your wedding to pick flowers in season, but it will also leave some extra money in your wallet. Finally, a popular option is to reuse bouquets as ceremony arrangements. Resourceful and gorgeous—the perfect combo.

Look for Deals on Wedding Gowns

The bridal gown is hands-down the focal point of any wedding, and there is no shame in going to painstaking lengths to find the perfect gown. There are hundreds of designers that create unique looks and some of those come with a hefty price tag. However, the most heart-stopping dress doesn’t need to have a heart-stopping price. Don’t be fooled—the highest priced dressed isn’t always the highest quality or the most flattering to your body type.

Don’t underestimate the bridal department of a Nordstrom’s, a store that offers designers that are both the extravagant and the reasonably priced alike. In addition, mass-retailing stores are cashing in on the wedding gown business as well. Some stores, like Anthropologie, offer options for the boho bride. In these modern times, you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

Skip Saturdays

Saturday weddings are expensive. Venues set their prices higher when they know there will be more demand. Even though Saturday seems like a day with the most convenience for you and for your guests, that may not be the case. Flights for family and friends from out of town will always be more expensive toward the weekend, while midweek flights are generally cheaper (holidays aside). Remember, no matter what day of the week, your wedding is still special. That whole week, month and year will be special!

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Consider Cheaper Wedding Favors

You don’t need to cut out wedding favors. In fact, wedding favors are the cherry on top that guests can take home with them and remember for years to come. There are a variety of affordable options, and many of them can be quite simple but still significant. Treat guests to a customized mini bottle of champagne! A simple gift like this is a perfect way to commemorate your big day and can become a memorable keepsake—without breaking the bank.

Gifts for Your Betrothed

You likely don’t want to skimp when it comes to tokens of affection for our soon-to-be husband or wife on the big day, but you don’t need to go crazy. You’re probably headed out on a costly honeymoon and are up to your ears in bills from the wedding day itself. Instead of spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, consider a smaller token for your special someone.

For him, it could be a dapper watch that he can wear on the big day (and every day after that). MVMT has a large assortment of men’s watches that look designer without the mind-blowing price tag. For her, it could be a piece of jewelry with a special touch. Sites like offer personalized lockets complete with your specified message. She can wear your love close to her heart for years to come, without you having spent a fortune on diamonds.

Cutting down on costs doesn’t mean cutting down on your enjoyment of the big day. Consider these easy strategies and have the wedding of your dreams on the budget of your dreams.

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