This elegant lakeside styled shoot comes to us from Darren and Jade Photography, based in Singapore! Here are Darren and Jade to tell us more:

We had found ourselves working together with Elizabeth and Jay Jay of EJ Lighted (through their wedding planning) by coincidence on many weddings in the past and got to know each other better over the past few years. Earlier this year we were chatting about an upcoming wedding that we were working on together and then began talking about the idea of doing some creative work together, since we often put together a few creative shoots a year as a personal project to keep the creative juices flowing. We had been particularly impressed with the styling that EJ Lighted had assembled for the last wedding we had worked on, and asked if they would be interested in working on a styled shoot together! We wanted to put together something that was a little different from your ordinary pre-wedding shoot conceptually that would stand out creatively.

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The original concept we thought of was to have a bride alone waking up on a bed in the middle of a wide open field with the sun rising behind her in the dreamiest of settings – and then be greeted by her groom who would magically appear. As we were brainstorming, Elizabeth came up with the idea of a romantic rowboat concept, where the bride would be floating along a gentle waterway with her groom on a rustic rowboat. We then thought, why not combine these shoots and connect them from a storyboard perspective – the bride could be whisked away by her groom to this rowboat setting after waking up and spending a few precious moments together. With that, what had originally started as a single concept, 1 day shoot would end up being a fuller story shot over 2 consecutive days.

As we were looking for people to model this concept, Elizabeth found Lynette and she ended up being exactly what we were looking for – someone who could bring out the soft and dreamy look we wanted, while also being engaged! She had been asked to model for previous bridal shoots before but declined every one of them as she wanted her first bridal shoot to be her actual one with her eventual fiancé! So with that, we automatically had to have her fiancé Shaun in on the shoot as well! Following that, we then reached through our network to find the remaining collaborators.

Lovely, thanks, guys! For more information about Darren and Jade Photography, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.

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Photography: Darren and Jade Photography
Coordinator & Stylist: EJ Lighted
Hair & Makeup: Lindalino Makeup
Bridal Gown: Ethereal
Men’s Suits: Q Menswear
Blooms: Flowerstory
Bridal Accessories: Choo Yilin