Today’s guest post comes to us from Tom Owens of Park Ave Studio, based in Sayville, NY. Enjoy!

While it’s true that some flowers may be out of season during the cold winter months it is also true that you have plenty of gorgeous and breathtaking options to choose from. No matter the color palette you and your betrothed have selected for the day’s festivities you can bet you’ll have the floral selection available to compliment the momentous occasion.

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Due to the presence of snow and ice, weddings held in the winter have always taken advantage of using white or pale hues to convey relevant elegance of the season. As the table cloths, bridesmaids, favors and all other decorations touch the white theme your flower bouquet and boutonniere can as well. You don’t have to go pure white either, in fact, certain cream colored flowers look spectacular together rather than a totally white arrangement.

A few popular flower choices that satisfy the need for a white accent are Lenten Roses, White Anemones, White Amaryllis, Orchids and Creamy Astilbes.


Bookended by Christmas and Valentine’s Day, winter weddings have also been known to make use of a red palette to convey the feelings of love and admiration at your wedding. It is suggested, however, to make reds an accent mark rather than a primary note in your wedding. Due to the fact that red is the most noticeable color to the human eye, having too much red can distract guests if it included everywhere but by the same note can effectively highlight a focal point if used correctly like in the bride’s bouquet or as the centerpiece of the bride and groom’s table at the reception.

Some good red flower choices for your winter wedding are Carnations, Roses, Red Anemones, Tulips, and Red Gerberas.


If we’ve listed the reds and our whites the next logical step along the progression must be a collection of pink flowers! Pink flowers are recognized for conveying feelings of serenity and tranquility and can make a statement at your wedding. Even better than simply having them alone is to combine your pink flowers with the other reds and whites to create a vibrant gradient of your color selections. This gives diversification to the decorations and can make your wedding look like something out of a fairy tale.

Our favorite winter pink flowers are Daphne, Bergenia, Waxflower, Pink Gerberas, Pale Asiatic Lilies, and Pink Roses.


The color silver is one that boasts extravagance and taking into consideration both the time of the year and the event of your wedding we would say that it is quite fitting. While decorations, clothing and favors can be matched to this color scheme are a little bit tougher to match on the whole. Don’t worry we have a quick wedding hack to remedy this common problem: make it a mix!

There are some flowers that carry a nice grayish hue like Silver-Dollar and Baby Blue Eucalyptus, Silver Brunia as well as Dusty Millers. All you need to do is combine these with some of the white flowers we had mentioned earlier, or use these gray flowers with white filler flowers like Gypsophilia. This will help give your combined bouquet a silver look to compliment the rest of your wedding.

A Step Further Than Flowers

When we think of a bride’s bouquet almost automatically everyone’s mind jumps right to flowers. However, when we think along those lines you’re limiting the possibilities for a gorgeous arrangement. Think how festive a Christmastime wedding would look with Holly Leaves and Berries shooting out from the bottom, or imagine the opportunities that could be had with the colors obtained through Pepper Berries or for some flair out of the organic range entirely consider adding a feather or two to your bouquet or boutonniere. The possibilities are truly endless!

This is by no means an exhaustive list but rather one of the common themes we’ve seen throughout the years. As the resident photographer of over six prominent Long Island catering halls you can be sure that no matter what color scheme or bouquet you decide to with we’ll work with you to make sure everything looks amazing in your pictures and video. It is our firm belief that moments as special as this require equally special attention to capture every eloquent detail to show the beauty of your wedding day.

Tom Owens is the content writer for Park Ave Studio. When Tom isn’t writing about the amazing bond couples find through marriage he dabbles in photography himself as a hobby. The photos in this post were taken by Brian Ozegovich, the owner of Park Ave Studio.

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