This featured invitation is one I’m particularly fond of: Design Recovery | Sarah Wolfsont, a designer, had never designed invitations before. But when it came to her wedding invitations? She jumped right in… and did a great job! Sarah wrote to us, saying:

My (now) husband and I really love the look and feel of letterpress work, but realistically it was out of our budget. I visited our local stationery store, The Envelope Please in Boulder, Colorado, and checked out the products they carried. Since I planned on designing them myself, I was looking for inspiration and materials. After checking out their options, I decided to go with Envelopments, a paper distributor that has a great selection of colors and textures, and can be ordered by the piece. One piece of inspiration in the shop was a finished invitation with a wood-block style print, made on an inkjet printer. Seeing that, I was convinced that I could pull it off by printing at home and using high quality settings. It’s not letterpress, but it’s also not a bad compromise.

Our wedding took place on a working farm in Boulder, so the earthiness was important to us, as was the vintage style I love. Living in Colorado, we also wanted to tie in the mountain theme. Using old topographical maps, I made a background for the actual invite, and used typefaces with a deco feel.

The other point we wanted to communicate was the fun and casual style of the wedding. The jumble of information cards held in the inner envelope provided all the needed information, but in a fun and unstructured way.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how the digital printing worked on the cardstock. I added some darker edges and a bit of a shadow on some of the type to make it look letterpress-y, but it wasn’t really necessary. The design had enough presence on its own.

Also, the postcard RSVPs turned out amazingly! We bought a bunch of vintage cards on eBay and made templates for the RSVP information on the back. It was so much fun to check the mailbox everyday for postcards.

My favorite inspiration pieces are by Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting. She has a huge variety in her work, but my favorite pieces are: Marci + Ben’s Invites (I love the tactile opening of one thing and then another. Also, her use of address wraps was something I took. It made life easier and looked so classy.), and her Handrawn Invites (There’s less connection between these and my final design, but it was a starting point. Amazing how it all transforms.) What it came down to was a challenge of making a classy, casual, and fun to open invite that was still within our budget. I think the full bleeds totally made it.

Thanks, Sarah! If you’d like to check out more of Sarah’s design work, check out her profile on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her portfolio is here.