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Today we’re here with Samantha, the creator of Fleurings, a vase jewelry line to hold fresh flowers. Enjoy!

Let me start by saying…I love flowers! I love everything about them… the colors, shapes, and magnificent scents they offer. My grandmother also loves flowers and she was the one who first got me started wearing a flower behind my ear. She’s from the South in Louisiana where it was common to see women wearing flowers.

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So, years ago I began wearing flowers thanks to Grannie. Not only did I enjoy the experience of having a fresh flower behind my ear but other people also took notice and enjoyed it as well. Fleurings came because I wanted to create new and different ways to style and wear flowers, and also keep them lasting longer. Hence, I dreamt up this idea of creating a vase earring that would hold a little water and a flower… keeping the flower fresher for a longer period of time.

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The petite vase earrings were the first pieces in my line hence the named “Fleurings”: which combines the French word for flower “fleur” + “earrings”. Soon after I made necklaces.. and more recently I started making hair pieces.

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It took me quite some time to create and then manufacture anything that was to my liking. My first prototypes were just not acceptable …. I was very picky because my earrings had to be light and comfortable to wear. They had to be light with water and a flower and have a sensual shape. I want each piece to be attractive as a standalone piece of jewelry, even without a flower.

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I make Fleurings jewelry from stainless steel since that metal is more water resistant that silver. I offer several different finishes including the basic polished steel, then plated options which include 14 Karat Gold (matte brushed or polished) and a matte Black which is a tin based plating. Sometimes I have Pink Gold in stock as well.

Many of my customers like to buy Fleurings for Weddings since wearing flowers and jewelry together just seems like the perfect fit for any wedding! My small vase necklaces and earrings have made excellent gifts for many a Bride, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, and Mother of the Bride.

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Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton just bought 15 earrings for her Bridemaids to wear during her Hawaiian style wedding on the island of Kauai.

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Small orchids, mums, small roses and babies breath make beautiful flowers to wear and match with any bouquet, dress or wedding floral theme. Buy jewelry from Fleurings.com and ask your florist to help you find the right flowers to wear for your wedding.

Thanks Samantha! For more about Fleurings, check out her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile here, or go straight to her website.

What do you think about wearing fresh flowers, complete with vase? Let us know in the comments!