Featured Wedding Vendor: Top Tier Entertainment

Today we’re so excited to share a vendor from our newest wedding vendor directory, WeddingMusicLove.com — meet Mark with Top Tier Entertainment, DJ service based in St. Louis, Missouri!

I asked Mark about his business and he had a great story to share:

My business is owner-operated, which means that clients will work with me and me alone from start to finish. I’ve been at this since I was 15 years old and I have literally thousands of events under my belt. I worked for a multi-system operation for over a decade and noticed that there was something lacking. Clients were herded through there like cattle and every event was treated as an invoice number and nothing more. Little thought went into staffing for the events and many times DJs would call off at the last minute leaving the event in the hands of unqualified and inexperienced part-time DJs.

I left the company to start my own venture where I would refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity. There’s a cap on the number of events I can do each year and I’m fine with that. When brides start planning their weddings, I want the first name to pop into their heads to be Top Tier Entertainment. I don’t intend to grow larger than I am because frankly I don’t trust anyone to take care of my clients the way I feel they deserve to be treated.

I want clients to know that I get it. I understand and respect their wishes, and I want to make the entire process of hiring their entertainment enjoyable, and engaging. This is, after all their event. I am just there to follow through on what they asked for in advance.

How great!

Featured Wedding Vendor: Top Tier Entertainment

We’ve previously interviewed Mark on this blog, so check that out for great more info about Top Tier Entertainment (and great stories, including DJing an Insane Clown Posse wedding!)

To contact Top Tier Entertainment for your wedding or party in the St. Louis area, call (314) 744-9190, email [email protected], or check out their website for more info and reviews.

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