Today’s fun guest post comes to us from Mike Barr of Star Car Hire, based in Northern Ireland! Enjoy:

Your wedding car is an important part of the big day, especially if you are traveling to a church or registry office then on to the wedding venue. But they are about more than just getting from one point to another – they are a part of the style of the wedding and should fit in with the theme and overall ambience of the day. Plus, there’s the practical element – you need to be certain your wedding dress fits into the car and there is enough room for everyone important.

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Quality & Style

For many brides, arriving in a chauffeur driven car is still the top option when it comes to choosing wedding cars. A driver in a uniform, a classic car with that extra space in the back to accommodate the dress and the relaxing ride to the venue, all of this is exactly what she wants from her wedding car. Rolls Royce cars remain top of the popularity list for this style of transport. The Phantom and Ghost models are luxurious and sophisticated, usually white in colour and they create an ideal backdrop for those early photos. The Silver Cloud is a classic model that has been used in weddings and other important events for generations and still remains popular today. Mercedes cars such as the S Class have also made their way into this category. They offer all the modern luxury and style that you can expect of the German carmaker while still having that something special that top range models possess.

Modern Favourites

The limousine was once the domain of the rich and famous but more wedding car companies now offer these vehicles as an option for the modern bride. There are various models available including stretch limos and even SUV limos that are great if you are travelling with your bridesmaids. These vehicles offer the best of modern luxuries including a glass of champagne during the trip, relaxing music and plenty of space. Self-drive luxury cars are another option some brides consider, whether driving themselves or by their father. Porsche, Ferrari and other top range cars are often chosen for as a real pleasure to drive and a great way to arrive at the venue.

Unusual Choices

If you don’t have far to travel to your venue, then a Tuk Tuk is a fun way to get there. These little vehicles, also known as rickshaws, are commonly seen across Asia and have been modernised to be a beautiful little wedding vehicle. They have a surprising amount of space and are chauffeur driven. VW campervans have a passionate following and certainly offer the space to accommodate a big wedding dress. Modernised and updated, these vehicles have the fun factor as well as being quite practical. And they make for excellent photo opportunities! Old-fashioned black London taxi cabs have found a new lease of life as wedding cars and are definitely practical with the space available in the rear of them. Even old double decker buses are being pressed into service again to transport the wedding party to the venue! Hat would your choice of transport be?

Mike Barr is the Manager at Star Car Hire, suppliers of unusual and luxury wedding cars. To learn more about Star Car Hire, please visit their website. Do you have any questions or comments for Mike? Add them to the comments below!