First Blog Highlights for 2015 - January's Best Vendor Interviews & Real Weddings
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Can you believe that the first month of 2015 has already passed by? It felt like just the other day that we sent out our first newsletter for the year, calling out to our vendor’s to kickstart the new year by becoming a Certified Lovely Vendor!

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WeddingLovely actually started the new year on a high note after being mentioned in SFGate’s article: “Tech ties the knot: New tools ease wedding planning”. So awesome!

We’ve also hit 3,000+ likes on Facebook and are slowly but surely building our Instagram following. (We know we’re a little late to the IG world, but nevertheless, thanks for all your support lovelies!)

Alrighty, now that we’ve brought you all up to speed, it’s time to take a look back at January’s top vendor interviews and real wedding submissions! We were low on featured invitation designs, wedding videos, guest posts (DIY, planning advice etc.) this month, so we’d definitely love to see more of these kinds of submissions in February.

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Top Vendor Interviews & Real Weddings:

Get to Know a Wedding Vendor: Glo

Get to Know a Wedding Website Builder: Glo

What makes you different from others in your field?

We are the only offering that integrates sophisticated email invitations, with a multi-page wedding website and smart RSVPs, so that makes us different to the other wedding website or paperless invitation providers out there. We are designed specifically for weddings – so we have the features that couples need to invite everyone, share all of the details, reel in the RSVPs, send last minute updates, and then share memories and thanks after the event.

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Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: YellowBrick Graphics

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: YellowBrick Graphics
(Kansas City, MO)

What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

Last year, one of my very dear friends was married in Las Vegas, followed by a reception in Kansas City. For the Las Vegas ceremony, we created suitcase box invitations with playing cards as the wedding invitation, and wording printed on five cards total. We tied these with twine and a brass key. In the box, we included two red dice and wrapped the entire package with kraft paper for mailing. For the reception, we created a stunning monogram suite with vintage lettering and backed the invitation with two of her wedding colors. These were sent in kraft envelopes. The entire suite was stunning and truly embraced her vintage Vegas theme. Not only was the invitation my favorite, it was a joy to create them for such a dear friend.

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Get to Know a Wedding Planner: North Shore Weddings and Events (6)

Get to Know a Wedding Planner: North Shore Weddings and Events (Chicago, IL)

Any great stories from working with a client?

For a year, I had been planning this lovely tent wedding with a client. So many details were decided with such scrutiny from the violin show during dinner to the Grapevine Chandelier and Café Lights to light the tent. We brought in generator power for the band and lighting. Everything had been triple checked to be working smoothly. About 10 minutes before the ceremony was about to start, I received a call at the church from one of my assistants. The generator for the band was blown. I called my back up plan electrician to reroute the power off the house and went to gather the groomsmen and groom.

The Groom asked me “How’s everything going?” and I casually said, “Ahh, a generator is blown so we have to reroute the power from the house, but everything will be fine. I have an electrician meeting me there after the ceremony.” I wish the photographer had been there at that moment to catch all their faces. The groom then asked me “So we basically don’t have any power for the reception?” I responded, “Yep, but it’s going to be fine. I have a back up plan.” It was fine. We rerouted the power for the entire event off the client and neighbor’s house (who was attending the event) and the party went on until the early morning under the beautiful café string lights and a grapevine chandelier. The client claimed it was the “Event of the Century”. Just a little stressful though!

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Real Wedding Highlights

Real Bridal Shoot: Jennika and Alex's Portrait Session by Alyssa Ence Photography (9)

Real Bridal Shoot: Jennika and Alex’s Portrait Session by Alyssa Ence Photography (Santa Clara, UT)

Really Alex and Jennika, are two of a kind. They have that playful kind of love that everyone wishes they had. They are not only lovers, they truly are BEST friends. Alex and Jennika met while both being on the Southern Utah University track team.. and he actually proposed to her while getting his medal at a track meet. As she was walking to him, in front of hundreds of people, she actually tripped and fell flat on her face. So embarrassed, she still got up and told him YES!

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Real Wedding: Julia and Brandon's Wedding by Will Pursell Photography (10)

Real Wedding: Julia and Brandon’s Wedding by Will Pursell Photography (Vancouver, BC)

Julia and Brandon celebrated their wedding at Secret Garden in Abbotsford, BC. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the gardens at the venue, and the reception was in a beautiful greenhouse. All the details were DIY-ed by the bride and groom. They made each an every little origami crane that were hung as a backdrop behind the table and scattered throughout the guest tables. Julia’s bouquet was custom made out of paper. She loves the Lord of the Rings, so she made a special request to get some of the flowers in the bouquet to be made from some pages of the Lord of the Rings books.

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Real Wedding: Megan and David's Winter Wedding by Holly Von Lanken Photography (4)

Real Wedding: Megan and David’s Winter Wedding by Holly Von Lanken Photography (Atlanta, GA)

Megan and David’s beautiful winter wedding was held on January 3rd, 2015 in Macon, GA. It rained all morning, but lightened up to a mist for most of the day. The day flowed so well and no one seemed stressed despite the rain. I loved the simple, yet stunning details of the event – from the fur stole, to ceremony decor, to the donut tower of a groom’s cake! Megan even wore her mom’s garter that has stayed in their family. The couple met because David’s mom actually set them up! Talk about a great match maker! Love this couple. They are stunning – both on the inside and out.

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