Today’s guest post comes to us from Carla of Wedding Collectibles! Read on to learn some fun ways to display your wedding cake topper after the big day:

After the wedding, many brides are left with wedding décor that they don’t know what to do with. Rather than throwing these decorations out, why not re-purpose them to remind you of your special day for years to come? One such item is your wedding cake topper. No matter the type of cake topper you have chosen, it is the ultimate token of you and your spouse as a couple and a reflection of your unique personalities. Here are five ways to cherish your wedding cake topper for years to come.

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Home Décor

An easy solution is to display your custom cake topper in your home as a decoration. Use it on a bookshelf as a bookend, on an end table as a decor piece, on a shelf next to picture frames, or on the dresser as a daily reminder of your beautiful day. Make your home reflect the love you share as a couple!

Christmas Ornament

Another way is to incorporate your wedding cake topper into your holiday celebrations by using it as a Christmas ornament. Attach some ribbon or string to make your own personalized ornament to use as a focal point on your Christmas tree for years to come. This idea works especially well for more traditional wedding cake toppers and winter weddings.

Pass It On

Nothing is more special than incorporating something your parents used on your wedding day. Save your wedding cake topper to give to your child for their wedding day, as the future bride’s “something old”. Choosing a classic wedding cake topper will ensure it never goes out of style!

Flower Arrangement

Another way to decorate your home using your wedding cake topper is to add it to a flower arrangement. Display the arrangement on your dining room table, a bookshelf or an end table as a conversation piece. A monogram wedding cake topper is so versatile, your guests may not even know it was from your cake!

Drop It In A Fish Tank

A beach wedding cake topper, especially one with shells or sand, can make an easy addition to the bottom of a fish tank. Simply display it inside the tank and let your fish play around it.

Wedding cake toppers have many more uses than just décor for the top of your wedding cake. Find one that fits your style and treasure it for years to come! Contact Wedding Collectibles today for help finding your perfect wedding cake topper keepsake.


Carla grew up in Orange County, California and her family has been involved in the wedding industry designing bridal accessories since 1980. Soon after graduating she was drawn back to the wedding industry and Wedding Collectibles was born.

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