Wedding dress shopping isn’t just dress up for grown women. It may looks like a playful montage of pretty dresses, but there’s also some planning and strategy that goes along with finding your dream dress at a great price. Before visiting a bridal boutique always call in advance to see if they require reservations and if they have gowns in the styles that you love.

Here are five tips for dress shopping. Have fun!

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1. Dress Code

When you prepare to try on dresses, bring along the pair of shoes that you will be wearing on your big day. Heels not only make you taller, but they also change how you stand. You should also bring along the same or a similar style of undergarments. If you’re choosing a tight fitting dress, this will affect how the material drapes on your body.

2. Limit Your Trusty Advisors

Most bridal consultants advise that you bring at most two guests with you. Not only are most bridal salons too small to accommodate that many people, but too many different opinions are overwhelming.

3. Map Out the Budget

Many brides often don’t take into account the cost of alterations and accessories in addition to the cost of their wedding gown. When you begin shopping for a dress, have a defined price range that your dress falls under.

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4. Do Your Research

Not only do prices vary at your local bridal boutiques and retailers, but it also depends on when you buy. Many bridal salons host trunk shows, where you can get a fifteen to twenty percent discount! Trunk season is between January through May.
If you’re a savvy online shopper, you can also find hundreds of vendors that specialize in affordable wedding dresses, sample couture gowns, secondhand dresses, and rentals.
For the best deal, it pays to do your homework.

5. Fit is Everything

A heavily discounted but ill-fitting designer gown is worse than an off brand dress that fits like a glove. Fit is one of the most important things about a wedding dress. Never buy a dress that is too small even if you plan on losing weight. If you plan to undergo a dramatic transformation, try to hold off on picking a dress for as long as possible. While a slightly large dress can have the seams taken in, a smaller gown can only be let out an inch or two.

Today’s guest post was provided by Natalie Tsang, a writer for Thanks for the tips Natalie!