Hooray, Spring is here! Today’s guest post, brought to us by  Kasey Grossman of Park Ave Studio, is full of tips and inspiration for selecting the perfect flowers for your Spring wedding! Enjoy:

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so it is a perfect season for you to begin your marriage and life together. Springtime is all about colors! Spring is also a marvelous time when many flowers are back in season. For you, this means a wide array of beautiful options to choose from for your fairytale day. There will be floral options to compliment everything you and your significant other have decided on for your spring wedding.

Flowers are one of the focal points of a wedding so choosing the correct ones are important. The wide variety of colorful flowers allows for accents throughout the ceremony, attire and reception. To celebrate this vibrant time, purples, blues and pinks are the most popular colors for springtime ceremonies. If these colors seem too primary for your taste, do not worry. Varying shades of these colors will allow you to personalize all aspects of your day, which can be incorporated not only into the flowers, but decorations, attire and table settings as well. No matter the color palette you choose, you can bet there will be flowers to match seamlessly.

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Purple flowers symbolize grace, elegance and charm. Oftentimes, darker purples like plum can appear too dark in contrast with lighter colors, such as the wedding dress. If you are aiming to have purple flowers, avoid mixing them with other dark purples in attire and decorations. Looking at lighter shades can be beneficial in this situation. There are many options for lighter shades, including lavender, orchid, periwinkle and amethyst. Combining lighter purple flowers with white or lighter pinks can create a more graceful charm to the ceremony.
Some popular purple flower choices include, Anemones, Gladioli, Grape Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, Lilacs, Tulips, Violets, and Sweet Peas.


Blue flowers create a calming effect. They are typically compared to the sky and ocean, which are both viewed as serene. Shades of blue can cool the overall mood of your ceremony no matter the location, although, if you are planning a beach wedding, blues can tie in stunningly. From royal blue to turquoise, you are sure to find decoration and attire that match perfectly with any flowers you choose.
Some exceptional blue flower choices include, Cornflowers, Delphinium, Irises, Bachelor Buttons, Forget-me-nots, and Lobelias.


Pink flowers combine innocence and playfulness. Pink is said to be one of the most romantic colors on the entire color spectrum. Reds are seen as intense and deep, while pink is more playful and ethereal, while still setting a romantic atmosphere. Coral has become an increasingly popular color for spring weddings and is paired amazingly with white as well as turquoise. If darker pinks are more your style, then magenta is a favorable option for you. If lighter is more your taste, aim for blush and watermelon shades. Despite which end of the spectrum you choose, there are flowers in varying shades to accompany. Some praiseworthy spring pink flowers are Peonies, Pink Ranunculus, Cymbidium Orchids, Hyacinths, Cherry Blossoms, and Blush Peonies.

Seasonal flowers can be expensive if the season just began. To settle this, you can blend these spring seasonal flowers with others that are available all year round to create a unified look, while keeping your budget on track. Roses, Cala Lilies and Gerbera Daisies are typically available all year round. Not only are these available all year, but also come in more than one color so you will be sure to find one to fit your palette. You can choose to order the same color as your other flowers or choose divergent colors to create a diversified color palette.

Remember, it is not just about the focal flowers, but also the filler stems. These should not go unnoticed since they create a fuller look for bouquets and centerpieces. Some of our favorites include, Gypsophila, Limonium, Solidago, Bouvardia, and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Kasey Grossman is a content intern at Park Ave Studio. When she isn’t planning her dream wedding and giving advice on preparing for the special day, she is studying Marketing at university in New York. For more information about Park Ave Studio, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website. Do you have any questions or comments for Kasey? Add them to the comments below!