I had the honor to be invited to Flywheel Press‘s opening party this last weekend — wow, what a store! Amber has curated an amazing collection of cards, stamps, pins, and other stationery goods — not to mention her custom invitation work. If you’re ever in San Mateo (San Francisco peninsula area), I’d highly recommend stopping in the store to check it out! Not to mention she throws a rockin’ party… check these pictures out:

So delicious. The catering at the party was amazing.

Greenwich Letterpress pins to the left, and Yellow Owl Workshop goods to the right.

I love these notebooks by Blackbird Letterpress — particularly the red one.

Really awesome collection of cards — there were more I didn’t photograph. I saw cards from Pistachio Press, Flywheel Press, and more I can’t remember. Mention them in the comments and I’ll add them here!

Of course, custom invitation work.

Time to party!

Yours truly. I told you the cupcakes were delicious.

Why do I have no pictures of Amber? Because I’m a dolt, that’s why! Totally forgot.

Flywheel Press’s store is located at 307 7th Avenue. San Mateo CA 94401 — check it out! You can also order online, check out the Flywheel Press blog, or head to the Flywheel Press WeddingInviteLove profile. Congrats again to Amber!