Photo credit: By yours truly, on Instagram

It’s been awhile since I’ve written personally on here! The last few months have been so very hectic — just finished up two big trips to LA and then Seattle for a few weddings (see above with my dear fencing friends from university!) — as well as a bunch of big development stuff for WeddingLovely that has been keeping me busy. Curious on what’s coming up?

WeddingLovely’s network of wedding directories now include florists, bakeries, and musicians, bringing our total number of wedding directories to eight. I launched our latest three in quick succession since I have been working on something bigger — a single all-vendors WeddingLovely Vendor Directory. Vendors will continue to have their profiles shared on their dedicated directories (as well as within our wedding planning and wedding website app,, but we’ll also have a dedicated vendor space to showcase all of our lovely vendors as well as finally supporting every vendor category, not just the ones we have dedicated directories for.

I’m working hard to make sure everything plays well together (so vendors only need to update their information in one place and it’ll automatically share across every listing we have for them) so it’s been a fun few weeks developing and designing all of this! The WeddingLovely Vendor Directory will launch sometime next month, so stay tuned.

Combined with this, I’m also working on an analytics solution so vendors will be able to see the views they’re getting for each of their listings (again, on the dedicated directory, the general directory, and on our wedding planning app). This includes both search views as well as dedicated profile views!

Last, I’ve mentioned a Blogging and Social Media for Wedding Vendors eCourse, which has been delayed (for the above good reasons). I have a huge document where I’ve been writing everything out and making sure I have all the materials before announcing a date. So when the course is completed and perfect, I’ll announce the starting date and start signups! I really want to make sure it has great information, so don’t want to launch prematurely.

What do you think? Anything you think I should work on? My favorite part about WeddingLovely is that I can work directory with my customers (you!) and build awesome things. I welcome all feedback and requests.

Have a lovely day!