I LOVED going to the National Stationery Show. My first time was two years ago, when all I had was WeddingInviteLove and didn’t know many people in the industry, so I snagged a press pass on a whim (in fact, I created this blog at first solely to get that guest pass) and flew myself out there. I met SO MANY amazing stationers, made a ton of new friends, and really started to grow my connections in the industry.

Last year, I went again — WeddingLovely now had a bunch of different wedding vendor directories, not just stationery, and I even had an employee. This year was also our big WeddingLovely Shindig (planned with the amazing 5th Avenue Weddings & Events) — we held a huge party at Etsy Labs, met MORE people, and had an amazing time again.

Each year was a smashing success for WeddingLovely. So why am I not going this year? It’s been breaking my heart to get email after email from friends asking to meet up. The big reason has been a major change in direction for WeddingLovely — last year, we had a small bit of funding from 500Startups, but the business as a whole was losing money (ah, the joys of a traditional startup). Rather than raising money again (and potentially getting investors on board pushing WeddingLovely into a bad direction, you know the weddings industry), I decided to lower our expenses drastically (one reason why the full-time WeddingLovely team is just me again), bootstrap the company, and run a much leaner business.

The good news is that WeddingLovely is now profitable (though I have a teeny-tiny salary) which is pretty much amazing — the bad news is, I won’t be able to go to NSS while also pinching pennies. Being a West Coast gal, it would involve flights, food, lodging, and probably a slew of miscellaneous expenses, and I’ve made the decision to stay at home and watch the goings-ons from afar.

Like I said, it breaks my heart — I’ve had such a good time at NSS over the years. That said, if any stationers at the show want some coverage-from-afar, I am more than happy to blog photos or anything else sent to me from the show or after! Just send an email over to [email protected].

I hope all my lovely friends at NSS have a great time, and hopefully I’ll be there next year!


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