How To Get Fairy Bride Look

So you love Tinker Bell, or maybe you simply wish to charm the pants off your soon-to-be and guests as you float down a candlelit aisle in the middle of the woods in all your ethereal glory, carrying a glitter pouch or fairy wand with LED string lights hanging from the trees. Well, today… your wish is our command! Discover all the amazing ways you can nail the fairy bride look with the help of our magical helpers over at, the only online marketplace for authentic and luxurious European tailor made wedding dresses.

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Choose lightweight fabric for an airy aura

Who says you need wings to look fairylike? The key is to choose your fabric wisely so that your body movement throughout your wedding day makes you look and feel magical. Avoid fabrics like heavy silks and satins (no heavy ball gowns or large skirts) and just overall “too much dress” as they say. Wedding dress fabrics that give off a fairy-like-feel include layers of tulle, sheer mesh, flowing chiffon and lace. These fairy-esque fabrics will make you look and feel dainty and delicate while showing off your feminine silhouette.

Fairy Bride Dress

Stick to a light/pastel palette to soften your look

… Unless, of course, you’re going for the edgy gothic fairy bride look in which case, you’ll probably want to skip the pastel and instead opt for deep purples, blood reds or black. As a sweet fairy bride, however, your #1 goal should be to soften your appearance and pretty pastel colors like powder, milk, peach and pink are perfect. Yep, the fun part of a fairy wedding is that you’re not restricted to traditional white, ivory or off-white colored wedding dresses! Plus, you can carry your pastel color theme right throughout your wedding decor, too, for a romantic fairy vibe.

Fairy Bride Wedding Dress

Add whimsical detailing for an ethereal glow

Magic is the word of the day and nothing reflects it better than embellishments that sparkle and shimmer. Rhinestones, sequins, pearls, plumes literally work magic when it comes to amping up the fairy vibes on your wedding day getup. Again, fun and playful adornments like these are reminiscent of a fairy, meaning you don’t necessarily have to attach wings to your ensemble.

Fairy Bride Look

Final touches to complete your fairy look

Faries evoke a sense of nature and innocence with a dash of mischief. Bring your fairy bride vision to life completely with loose, wavy, somewhat messy hair, either swept up or let all the way down. Accessories your locks with thin headbands accented with flowers or floral crowns. Flowers are EV-ERY-THING when it comes to fairy! Flower anklets, arm cuffs… When it comes to your makeup, however, keep it simple and pure with nudes (taupe), soft pinks or warm, glowing colors that make it seem like you’re blushing from within. Showing some skin? Add some shimmer to your shoulders! Last, but certainly not least, your shoes. Or, lack thereof? Barefoot is the fairy way but if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always shop around for slip ons with lots of lace and/or ribbons.

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