Get to Know a Wedding Blogger: Kristen Ley

Hello lovelies! You may have noticed a few new regular features on the blog lately. Yeah, we like to keep things fresh ;) Here’s another new feature that we hope you’ll love: Wedding Blogger interviews. Kristen Ley of Something New for I Do is here with us to kick things off. Enjoy!

How did you get into wedding blogging?

Like many realize when in college (at that point where it’s too late to turn back!) I couldn’t see myself happily working in my field. I decided right then and there to start a business that tied in to what I was learning in public relations, but focused more on my passion for the wedding industry.

With support from my entrepreneurial parents, knowledge from my numerous internships, and a reckless failure is not an option attitude, I started Something New for I Do and began by posting blogs on my website. Shortly after, I was called to guest blog on other wedding professionals’ websites and eventually landed regular contributorship opportunities with outlets such as Huffington Post Weddings and Perfect Wedding Guide.

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Where are you located?

I’m a Georgia girl “staycationing” in the D.C. area. My business is located in Atlanta, but I am currently working remotely from D.C. as I live with my fiance who landed a job here after graduating from the University of Georgia. I travel back about once a month for business meetings, events and to meet with clients – and typically stay two weeks or so.

What sites or blogs do you visit daily?

As a regular contributor to Huffington Post Weddings, I’m always staying up to date on what other contributors are blogging about. My guilty pleasure is my Pinterest homepage feed because, well, I’ve spent time accumulating the pinners and boards I like and everything on there is just so gosh darn pretty. I say guilty because I like to browse on my iPad in the morning while having coffee, and I usually have to pry myself away to get to my computer and start working.

I never miss a day without logging onto Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – times however many clients I’m working on that day. Because I blog and do social media work on behalf of other wedding vendors, a large portion of my day is spent rounding out social media profiles and fostering relationships for others. The handful of blogs I visit changes on a daily basis. My interest is usually peaked from something I saw on Pinterest or social media, and I read as much as I have time for that day.

When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?

Something New for I Do is two things – a marketing/PR company for vendors in the wedding industry and a resource for brides looking to brand their wedding. When I’m not blogging, I’m either working with other wedding vendors to help them uncover their niche and leverage what makes them unique, or I’m working with brides to match them with various vendors that can help them pull off their themed wedding.

Are you a full-time blogger?

I’m a full-time blogger, as well as a public relations professional. This means I usually work seven days a week and always have a number of irons in the fire. But I love it and I’m fortunate that it doesn’t always feel like work. Even when I’m not trying to work, I end up working because I’m so drawn to my passion for writing and all things weddings.

What do you look for in wedding submissions? Do you have any tips for photographers who would like to be featured on your blog?

As Something New for I Do implies, I love creative new ideas! Cookie-cutter weddings and trends that have been done to death (like mason jars)? Thanks, but no thanks. For Perfect Wedding Guide, my posts are short and sweet, offering a few tips for brides on wedding planning topics. In my Huffington Post Weddings blog, I focus my pieces on branded weddings (or themed weddings). I’m always up for ideas and if it’s a good fit, I’m happy to feature vendors or photographers. Being in PR gives me an appreciation and understanding for those looking to get their business out there.

What is your favorite wedding trend?

It’s hard to pick between just one – and recently getting engaged myself, I’m finding this to be even more difficult as I plan my own wedding! I will say that after attending and working on so many weddings this season, minimalist weddings have been a breath of fresh air. There is something so beautiful about simplistic, thoughtful decor items and details that bring a wedding theme together without going overboard. Less really is more!

What wedding trend are you ready to see left behind?

It’s time for mason jars and burlap to bite the dust. I think most wedding professionals are also over this trend, but it’s funny because girls who fell in love with this look when it was really popular (and then much later got engaged and started planning) are still asking for mason jars and burlap even now – not knowing that the trend has become a little dated and very overdone.

What is your favorite blog post on your site?

I have two! “This Wedding Planning Step Can Either Make or Derail Your ‘I Do’” was my first Huffington Post Wedding blog. I remember being so excited to land the contributorship opportunity and getting to write a piece that was all about my favorite topic – creating your wedding brand. My other favorite is one of my Perfect Wedding Guide posts, “If Your Man Were to Plan: 5 Ways to Include Your Groom in Your Wedding Planning.” This piece was inspired by a quote from my fiance, “Most grooms are happy to leave the planning up to their better half. Flowers and table linens? They’re thinking, ‘Just let me know when it’s time for the cake tasting,’” and a Pinterest board I created for fun on the outcome of your wedding if your fiance were to plan it.

Best advice for brides?

When in the midst of planning your wedding, it’s easy to let your vision of your dream wedding you’ve had since you were a little girl persuade your decisions. But, don’t forget to consider your groom. It should be about “we, not me” as your wedding signifies becoming one. That’s why I love wedding branding! As you plan the most memorable event of your life, designing a wedding brand allows you to create an event that both fits your vision and echos who you are as newlyweds.

Thanks Kristen! You can keep up with Kristen on Something New for I Do, Huffington Post, or Perfect Wedding Guide.

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