Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Sweet Stuff Designs

 Today’s Wedding Stationer interview is with Diana from Sweet Stuff Designs based in Levittown, PA! Enjoy:

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

I started my business in 2004 after my own wedding. I’ve always loved doing favors and party goods so that is what I started out with. I added invitations on in 2006 after seeing the trend of pocket fold invitations on the rise, and a need for affordable options. While I’m not a graphic designer, I’ve spent 10 years in printing and production in the book publishing industry which ties into my love of paper and printing.

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Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Sweet Stuff Designs

What is your favorite color combination?

I’m partial to pink and brown; and purple and gold were popular this year which is really nice together.

What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

A boxed invitation with jewels on the invitation.

 Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Sweet Stuff Designs

Do you have a favorite typeface?

I love Bickham Script, and a new favorite I just purchased is called DomLovesMary. For block typeface I like Bembo.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Sweet Stuff Designs

What is the most bizarre request you have received?

Just recently I had to print 2500 envelopes for a fundraiser (that’s front and back). While it’s not bizarre, it was quite the undertaking. I’ve also dealt with my share of crazy customers..but that’s probably a post for another day.

 Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Sweet Stuff Designs

Ampersand or the word “and?”


Any advice for brides?

I often hear that people don’t like to spend money on invitations because they get tossed in the garbage. And while that is true, that is also true for a thousand other items we consume in our lives. Let the invitation set the tone for your event. Couples spend so much time & money planning the actual event that it seems silly to go half way on an invitation to the event.

While you do not need to break the bank, you can do really beautiful things on a budget with all the digital options out there today. Let the invitation show a bit of who you are as a couple. Give your guests a peek as to what is in store for them at your event. Get them excited and talking about it. My customers are involved from beginning to end of the design process so that it truly reflects a part of them.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Sweet Stuff DesignsAll Photos by: Jenn Erickson

Do you offer more than just stationery?

Absolutely! I offer custom designed favors (edible & non edible); promotional products and printing services.

Thanks Diana! For more about Sweet Stuff Designs, visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Profile or head straight to her website.

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