Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: I Will Invitations

Recently, we shared this lovely invitation suite by I Will Invitations. Today we’re getting to know Gayle, the talented woman behind the scenes. Enjoy!

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

My original profession as a teacher was thoroughly enjoyable work. When I got cancer, however, I knew that with the treatment I couldn’t be in the classroom enough to make the difference that a teacher should, and needed a career that was flexible enough to fit around me. With all the prior experience and courses I’d done, the obvious answer was something in graphics. One and one together made two when I thought about my own recent marriage and how much fun I had with the planning aspect. Nine and a half years later, I Will Invitations continues to grow. It has survived my health problems as well as the ups and downs of motherhood three times!

Read the full interview after the cut!

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What is your favorite color combination?

There are so many beautiful color combinations that I find it hard to choose just one. I find beauty in most things. One day I’ll decide I like black and white drama but then the next day I am totally seduced by a beautiful soft peach mint combination or a crisp navy number.

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What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

I find this a bit of a hard question to answer because all of my invitations are a little different. I do get inspiration from the current invitation trends, but my style is using a combination of digital print and embellishments to create something that is unique. I also use magnets as fasteners and can create my own graphics as points of difference.
As an aside, we were also really excited to win the Most Popular Invitation Designer, Australia and Runner Up, World in the recent Wedding Industry Expert awards.

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Do you have a favorite typeface?

Ooh this is a tough one. Century Gothic is my favourite body text font with its clean lines and perfectly weighted letters, but if we talk about decorative fonts I am like a kid in a candy store and I have a shameless fetish for collecting beautiful fonts. I couldn’t choose just one!

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What is the most bizarre request you have received?

Lol. I am going to take the safe route here and say that whilst I can get orders that aren’t something I’d personally choose, all of my brides make choices that are perfect to them.

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Ampersand or the word “and?”

How fabulous do ampersands look? They really make a statement on a funky looking invitation, but I would always choose the traditional ‘and’ if the invitation was an extremely formal affair.

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Any advice for brides?

Enjoy the trip. So often we strive for the perfect wedding and the happily ever after that we forget we’re engaged. When you look back at it — that’s actually the rosiest, happiest time of all.

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Do you offer more than just stationery?

I Will Invitations began as wedding invitations and accessories, however, we have branched out in later years to include save the date magnets, children’s party ranges and event printables.

Lovely work Gayle, thanks so much for sharing! To learn more about I Will Invitations, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to her website.

Do you have any questions or comments for Gayle? Add them to the comments below!

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