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Today we’re excited to bring you an interview with Danielle, the Marketing Manager at Kennedy Blue! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about your company.

Kennedy Blue was created in 2012 to provide an alternative to the traditional in-store shopping experience. From having limited sample sizes to offering inflated prices to cover brick & mortar costs, we recognized that shopping in-store was a frustrating and stressful experience for most brides and bridesmaids.

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We follow two basic philosophies:

  1. We only sell our products on our website and through trusted retailers who share our vision.
  2. All of our products are designed in-house with the help of customer feedback.

By following these two simple philosophies, we’re able to provide high-quality designer dresses at reasonable prices.

We’ve also made the shopping experience easier with our At Home Try-On program. This service allows you to choose one or more bridesmaid dresses in your desired size and color, have them shipped to your home, try them on for style and fit, and order your favorites for the entire wedding party.

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How did you get into the wedding business?

Kennedy Blue came into existence because we noticed that the industry was stale and wasn’t evolving to accommodate the modern bride and bridesmaid. Unfortunately, due to space and cost, most bridal salons are only able to offer each dress style in one size. Imagine going into a store with your 5 bridesmaids of all different shapes and sizes, to be given a size 6 dress as your only sample option. Not only is that a frustrating experience, but can be a humiliating one at that.

We recognized that women didn’t feel comfortable or have the time to coordinate all of their bridesmaids for the “traditional” dress shopping experience so we developed the first At Home Try On process to make dress shopping the most comfortable, fun, and easy experience possible!

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What’s your favorite part of the job?

Seeing the beautiful bridesmaids and brides sporting Kennedy blue for all occasions!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding professionals just getting started?

It sounds obvious, but make your product FOR your customer. A lot of times, we as professionals assume we know what our customers want. Reality check: we don’t. We never
create a new collection until we have surveyed our customers asking them what they want, what they don’t want, and getting their feedback on potential new styles.

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What is your current favorite color combination?

We are absolutely loving blues, greens, and purples. We are all about the mix-and-match look so the more color-mixing, the better!

Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

We absolutely love the strappy, open-back trends and have incorporated those looks into our new collections. We also LOVE embroidered lace, because you can’t find those options many places.

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What tips or advice can you give to brides who are in the midst of wedding dress or bridesmaid dress shopping?

Allow yourself to have fun with the process!

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Thanks Danielle! For more about Kennedy Blue, check out their WeddingLovely profile or head straight to their website.

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