Today’s videographer interview is with Anthony of ARAND Video Services based in Pittsburg, CA! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company,  how did you get started?

The vision of ARAND Video Services started when Anthony made a family video for a family reunion in 1996.  The family loved the video so much they then asked him to create a video for all future projects such as Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays and retirement celebrations.

Anthony met his wife Olivia in 1999 and an instant romance turned into a blissful marriage in 2002.  Once they combined their talents, Anthony soon discovered his wife, Olivia, was also very talented in creativity with her own style and talents using mutli software products to  further enhance photos, that added a unique custom design to fit the client’s needs. Anthony and his wife created classic heirlooms, and as a result, family members shared this couple’s talents with their friends and family members who started soliciting the couple to produce their family video projects.

As the couple embarked on a major career change in 2008, through prayer and direction they  officially founded ARAND Video Services. They are Christians and discovered they were both blessed with a vision, so their mission focus was to help customers create a professional video without having the concern of being charged for every added expense or any hidden cost. They then create a logo “It’s not totally about us — It’s about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as He is in control of our walk in how we treat our customers.  They then discovered their  company’s name was given to them to help remind others that the Lord will return to rebuild His new Temple. “After Resurrection A New Destiny” will be in place!  ~ Revelations 21:1-8 ~  They stand by their strong beliefs to treat their customers the way the Lord expects fairness in every business deal, and they work hard to bless their clients with fond memories of how they can help them accomplish their vision.

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What are some things couples should look for when looking for a videographer?

If possible always speak directly with the videographer who will be personally filming your wedding.  It’s important to do this so you can be sure he/she has the knowledge, skills and latest digital technology to classically video tape stunning cinematography of your wedding ceremony.  Also make sure you request a copy of the raw video footage, so that if all goes wrong with the finish output, you can have someone use the raw video footage to capture exactly what you originally envisioned.

What is your favorite part of the day to capture?

Since our primary role is to receive video from someone else and edit the video we don’t really have a favorite part of the day.

How do you feel videography has changed in the last few  years?

Technology has allowed the use of smaller cameras, yet they are more powerful and have many standard features available on lower end models. Also the speed of transferring footage and the ease of editing has greatly improved over the years.

Do you have advice for wedding videographers just starting out?

Find a niche service you can provide instead of starting out doing everything. If you have strong skills with shooting the video but are not an expert on editing, then do what you do best and team up with someone else for the editing part. Also, having strong soft skills will go a long way when communicating with customers. If you have great tech skills but lack people skills then either work hard at improving your skills or have someone else be the primary face to face communicator.

What is the most challenging  part of your job?

Having a smooth work load would be our biggest challenge. It is either feast or famine. If we could figure out a way to smooth out the workload that would be great.

Thanks Anthony! For more information about ARAND Video Services, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.

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