Today’s wedding blogger interview is with Allison of Engaged & Inspired, one of my favorite local wedding blogs! Funny story, once I was at an event in San Francisco and was going to be driving all the way back down to San Jose, and found another person who needed a ride… who turned out to be Allison’s husband, Ian! From there, I was able to finagle a coffee meetup with Allison, which was awesome and she is truly passionate about what she does.

Don’t forget to check out The Lab, a bridal event that Allison co-founded, and tickets are on sale now for the January event!

How did you get into wedding blogging?

I actually started with a fashion startup working with first time designers. I had an online fashion boutique and fashion blog. Somewhere in there I found the wedding industry and fell in love. My husband (who designs and builds my websites) wouldn’t build me a wedding blog until we got engaged. The day after he proposed I hit the ground running to start Engaged & Inspired and haven’t looked back since!

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Where are you located?

The San Francisco Bay Area.

What sites or blogs do you visit daily?

I’m horrible but I don’t generally visit specific blogs. I follow a lot of great bloggers on Twitter though and if I see something interesting I click :) I do visit Pinterest about 50 times a day :)

When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?

I am very busy planning weddings and working on planning a yearly bridal event that I co-founded last year. Other than that I work in the tech industry for startups…..I feel like I have two lives and two personalities that switch gears 10 times a day as I balance my love for weddings and blogging with my love for community building, social and marketing. As for time off, I am lucky enough to love every single thing I do and don’t have too much going on in my “personal” life!

Are you a full-time blogger?

Technically yes, but I love to have my hands in lots of things at one time and find that I appreciate weddings and my site so much more when I have other projects going on. So yes, it is my full-time gig however I wouldn’t be happy just doing one thing all the time so I love to get involved with other companies!

What do you look for in wedding submissions? Do you have any tips for photographers who would like to be featured on your blog?

I look for crafty details. I love weddings that make my heart stop and that inspire me. I’m all about inspiring everyone, so if someone could grab ideas from it, that’s my favorite thing to do. I don’t have too may tips for photographers although I do like to receive links to blog posts as opposed to massive dropbox files, but that is just a preference!

What is your favorite wedding trend?

While I was planning my wedding everything in the industry was soft colors. Lots of ivory filled the pages of my blog. I honestly feel like everyone just woke up a little bit in the last year and decided to be bold with color and take a shot. Almost like brides stopped being afraid of it. I likewise LOVE all the color brides have been infusing in their wedding days and I hope I see a lot more of it. I’m not normally a huge fan of trends as they date so fast so I tend to look for textures, colors, patterns and elements that go far beyond trends that will date by the time your anniversary comes around.

What wedding trend are you ready to see left behind?

Most of the time brides are getting married for the first time meaning they aren’t looking for a seasonal trend or fad. I know that lots of professionals get sick of things like mason jars, but I don’t feel like it is our job as professionals to get too into “trends” and focus more on creating that magic that is a couple’s wedding day. That being said I don’t pay too much attention to trends and honestly I’m not sure there is any one trend I would want to see left behind. Oh maybe satin and roses? But those aren’t really trends now, are they?

What is your favorite blog post on your site?

Talk about a tough question! I don’t totally know the answer and I don’t really have time to look through over 1,000 blog posts, but the one that comes to mind is one of the first blog posts I ever published on Engaged & Inspired. I wrote about my parents and their 30 years of marriage and reflecting on what was to come.

Best advice for brides?

Don’t stress about your wedding day. Take it from me. I stressed each and every second for about 18 months. The day finally arrived and it rained, it poured and it hailed. A guest accidentally spilled an entire glass of red wine on my dress and old friends weren’t getting along with new ones. It was all sorts of crazy and definitely not an “ideal” wedding day. But, honestly what are you going to do about it.

I feel like you should get into the details and plan it all perfectly. The day before the wedding relinquish all control and decide that it doesn’t matter. That way you will have a much better time on your wedding day and you won’t let little things bother you that really shouldn’t bother you when you are getting married, after all you are getting MARRIED!

Thanks Allison! Make sure to check out her blog and vendor directory at Engaged & Inspired, as well as the Northern California bridal event, The Lab.

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