Get to Know a Wedding Blogger: Maya Savanovich

Today’s blogger interview is with Maya Savanovich, contributing editor for Wed Me Pretty. Enjoy!

How did you get into wedding blogging?

I always thought I’d be a wedding planner. Loved dressing up Barbie dolls in wedding dresses and “organizing” a wedding with Ken (sometimes Action Man!), but somehow, my life took me on different path. Although I wasn’t in the wedding industry, I spent too much time on a daily basis looking at wedding pics and Pinterest! So I started writing. Since I didn’t have a blog of my own, I contacted wedding bloggers and asked them if I could write something for their blog and be a regular contributor. They really liked my articles so I decided one day that I should buy my own domain and start writing my own blog.

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Where are you located?

I’m from Croatia, Europe. Since wedding blogging wasn’t very popular here (still isn’t) I turned to English wedding blogs. I’ve written for Australian, UK and USA blogs.

What sites or blogs do you visit daily?

I love Wedding Lovely (of course!), I follow Wed Me Pretty (I’m a regular contributor so I love to check it out daily to see if there’s something new published by other bloggers), Style Me Pretty, Perfect Wedding Magazine (I’m a columnist for the Perfect Wedding Croatia magazine).

When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?

I’m reading and spending time with my family.

Are you a full-time blogger?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to be a full-time blogger, but I’m planning on dedicating more time to my writing.

What do you look for in wedding submissions? Do you have any tips for photographers who would like to be featured on your blog?

Actually no, although I love having beautiful pictures, sometimes I publish not-so-pretty pics because that tells my readers that they shouldn’t hire a particular photographer. My readers love honest reviews, and they love seeing proof, so I’m trying to stay objective every time and show things as they are. I’m working closely with a well-known photographer here in Croatia who covers news and trunk shows; we’re also planning to publish an interesting shoot regarding wedding makeup.

What is your favorite wedding trend?

It’s really difficult for me to single out a specific one, but I would say birdcages. They look so lovely and I really love seeing them hanging from trees or as a centerpiece on tables.

What wedding trend are you ready to see left behind?

Toms as wedding shoes. I just don’t find them glamorous enough, and haven’t seen any wedding dresses that compliment them. I didn’t like that trend back then, and don’t like it now. There’s a time and place to wear toms, and I think that your wedding isn’t one of those moments.

What is your favorite blog post on your site?

Interviews with famous wedding dress designers. I interviewed Berta from Berta Bridal, Anna Campbell, Ivan Alduk (a famous Croatian designer) and many more.

Best advice for brides?

Just be yourself. Don’t plan your wedding per trends; plan your wedding per your personality. There’s nothing worse than a bride not feeling comfortable at her own wedding. There are lots of wedding bloggers that will be happy to help you with advice.

Thanks Maya! If you have any questions or comments for Maya, please add them to the comments below and don’t forget to check her out on Wed Me Pretty.

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