Get to Know a Wedding Musician: Syrendell and Reverend Tan

Today’s wedding musician interview is with Rick and Jennifer of Syrendell and Reverend Tan based in Davis, CA.  Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself and how you started playing.

Rick is a harpist and pianist.  Jennifer is a flutist.  We both started playing our instruments as young children and continued to play and teach into adulthood. In the late 90’s we had a wonderful man build us a custom harp and Rick took to it right away.  We have been composing our own music together for over 20 years!  We are married with four children and live in beautiful Davis, California. We also officiate all types of wedding ceremonies and often officiate and play our instruments for weddings and events.

What do you love about being a musician?

We absolutely love how playing our music makes an event elegant, uplifting and beautiful. We feel creative and joyful when we perform, and we look forward to sharing our music at every wedding!

Get to Know a Wedding Musician: Syrendell and Reverend Tan

What’s your favorite song to play?

One of our original pieces (can be heard at called “Joyful Day”.  We sometimes play this as a wedding processional or recessional.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Finding the time to rehearse together with our busy jobs and 4 children!  The kids are also musicians, so having a quiet moment for just us is important if we have specific song requests that are new to us. We love carving out time to learn new music, so it’s a good challenge to have!

Get to Know a Wedding Musician: Syrendell and Reverend Tan

What’s the most unique wedding you’ve ever played for?

Years ago, we played at a Renaissance-themed wedding in Southern California.  Every single person attending the wedding dressed in costume, including us!  We played harp, flute, hand drum and did a little singing, all in Renaissance style. Not only did the bride and groom get married in full costumes (a costume designer was there, sewing on the buttons for them!), but the parents of the bride and groom also renewed their vows in costume. Jugglers, fortunetellers, minstrels walked around entertaining, as well.

Do you have advice for wedding musicians just starting out?

Be positive, be flexible, be professional, and enjoy every moment of performing at a wedding!  When you share your enthusiasm and enjoy the event, it makes a difference. Get reviews from couples and have demo clips available online.

Get to Know a Wedding Musician: Syrendell and Reverend Tan

What are some things couples should look for when looking for a musician?

Couples should always either here demo clips online or come and hear the musicians in person to make sure that the type of music and sound is a good fit for their wedding.  Ask the musicians if they are willing to play your requested pieces.  Or, if you do not have requests, ask the musicians what they recommend.  Check with the musicians and the venue regarding acoustics to ensure that the music can be heard. Couples should look for musicians who not only are excellent artists, but who also will work with them on the wedding vision.

Thank you guys! For more about Syrendell and Reverend Tan, check out their WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight to their website.

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