Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Moose Studio (1)

Today’s photographer interview is with Michaela and Joshua of Moose Studio based in sunny Southern California! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

My name is Michaela Ammirato and I am a wedding photographer with my best friend, Joshua Ronak based in Orange County, California. We are natural light photographers and absolutely love what we do. We consider it such an honor and privilege to have the chance to work with such incredible couples each year!

We love capturing authentic, romantic and clean images that make our couples look like they just walked straight out of an editorial magazine. We want our couples to feel relaxed and have fun on their wedding day.

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Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Moose Studio (2)

How did you get into wedding photography?

Honestly, we kind of just dove into wedding photography with good intentions and hearts. We both hated our day jobs, and knew we had to make a change if we wanted to find happiness. In May of 2014, I got my passport, boarded my first plane, and flew over 1, 700 miles with Joshua to photograph our first wedding in Canada. It was CRAZY!! The year leading up to the wedding, we bought our first dslr camera, learned to shoot manual and launched our website. We’ve been non-stop ever since!

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What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

Portraits, without a doubt! This time of day allows us to work solely with the bride and groom. We really get a chance to connect with them on a more intimate level and capture the essence of who they are as a couple.

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What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

There hasn’t really been one yet! I am sure as we photograph more weddings we will encounter a few in the future.

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What is your favorite venue and why?

Some of my favorite venues are outside – lush greenery, towering mountains, and forests of trees just speak to me. I honestly just like to be wherever there is a celebration of love, whether that be on a farm, in a museum or garden, I just want to be there.

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Nikon or Canon?

I am a firm believer that it is the photographer that captures the image, not the camera. Yes, there is a certain level of quality that a camera will bring to a photograph, but it is the composition, lighting and many other factors that play into the final result as well. I personally shoot Canon, not necessarily because it is better, but because that is what I started with.

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What is your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Ireland. Without a doubt in my mind, this is someplace I would love to travel to and photograph a wedding. Maybe even Iceland? The evergreen landscapes, towering cliffs, and beautiful coastlines call my name!

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If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

I would probably scream and do a happy dance if I was given the chance to photograph Gerard Butler’s wedding, Joshua agrees. His movie, P. S I love you makes me cry every time!

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that being a wedding photographer can be a lonely business if you don’t have a network of people that love and support you. Don’t be intimidated to reach out and make friends with local photographers. Whatever you do, don’t give up! This can be a hard industry to break into and stand out, but everything takes time and practice. You can do it!

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Moose Studio

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are looking to hire a photographer to cover their big day?

Follow your heart. Find the photographer whose images speak to you and then book them. You don’t want to wait until the last minute only to find that they are already booked on your wedding day. It is easy to go with the photographer your venue recommends, or your uncle who has a fancy camera, but keep in mind that there are no redos for your wedding day, so choose wisely.

Thanks Michaela and Joshua! Looking for a wedding photographer in Orange County, California? Check out their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.


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