Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: VladimirVictoriaStudios

Today’s wedding photographer interview is with Adelle Victoria of VladimirVictoriaStudios, based in Belgrade, Serbia! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

We are a husband and wife team.  Somewhere on the seven seas, our love was formed in water. We are a Serbian-Filipina couple steeped in the chai of love. We worked around the world. We are open. We strive to make it fresh.

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Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

We do most creative assignments as we are first artists, but our studio has been focusing on photography.  More clients come to us because of photos:  for weddings, engagements, pregnancy, newborn babies, family life; and even fashion and theatre.  We think photography is a very malleable medium, in that it can shape-shift.  We like to take on different projects, as variety makes us versatile and keeps us on our toes.  We like to be spontaneous during a photo shoot, but we also like starting off with a concept.  We work with our hearts.  We take long walks so we can clean our irises, and perhaps come up with something original.  We love to draw and work with our hands, so we intertwine art, design, and photography, and we try to do this with every project.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

We fell in love during our travels, and we want to keep moving even now, with our business and our little daughter.  It is probably crazy, but by moving we keep our balance, so we are now open to bookings all over the world.  No destination is too far.  We’ll work out the visas, we’ll find a nameless street.  Just book us to get there.  We are just throwing out this dream out there.  We know someone will catch it.  In fact, we are already booked for two destination weddings this yearand the next.  Wuhooo!

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

How did you get into wedding photography?

It came slowly but very gracefully.  While I was a photography major at the university, it never crossed my mind to do weddings.  There was just too much cliche in that industry, I thought.  I knew I was an artist, and weddings didn’t seem to be the area to do that.  Vladimir majored in graphic design, and being a wedding photographer wasn’t in his mind either.  However, when we entered the real world, shooting weddings came with the photography job we had, so that’s how it started.  Shooting weddings makes a photographer very intuitive.  One develops speed and an inner knack for lighting and exposure.  It became engaging and challenging.  However, it was too easy to fall into the cliche:  kiss here, bend her back there and kiss her on the neck, tralala.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

After we got married, we knew it would make sense for us to start our studio, and so we did.  We wanted to create images that would have our stamp, a sense of our love in them, and so we set out to do just that.  We like the images to be a criscross of a dreamful child, young love, art, and passionfruit.  We found our style, and we are still on the journey of refining it.  One can say that journey is a lifetime.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

I just have to say that we love doing the engagement photos the most, because with them, we have a wider creative space. On the wedding day, we love to capture the preparation, especially the bride’s:  getting the hair fixed, putting on the make-up, the dress, the shoes.  It is in that quiet time, when the photographer and the bride are alone in the room, when one gets the feel of the big day that is about to start, the weight of the decision to get married, the excitement, the anxiety, everything.  It is like that big heave of a sigh before one enters the stage.  Of course there is a wide panorama of emotions the entire wedding day; an entire spectrum; but this quiet moment before everything starts is our favorite.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

When the bride and groom are alone with one of us, and they argue right in front of the camera, with tears in their eyes.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

What’s the best thing you ever ate at a wedding?

Just recently, we had paella, and it was the tastiest paella ever.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

What is your favorite venue and why?

Anything outdoor, rain or shine.  There is depth in natural light that studio or artificial light couldn’t recreate.  The atmosphere adds to the story of the photograph, like wind on her hair, or the white flowers in the background.  People also act differently outdoors.  They are more…free, generally.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

Nikon or Canon?

The masters of photography didn’t need the cameras we have now to create the world’s most beautiful photographs.  We never thought that it’s the camera that makes the photograph.  Cameras, or any other equipment, are just tools.  Just stay true to the vision.  Use the gear that would make that vision happen; the rest are technicalities.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

What is your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Our dream now is to merge our passion for photography and our love for travel and culture, so any destination wedding is a dream come true.  We would love to go to countries we have never been to, but we are also thrilled to go back to countries we have visited.  Every place has its own spell.  Yes, this wanderlust is insatiable!

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

Oh, it would be a marvel to photograph those weddings!  How can one choose?  Not just celebrities, but historical figures!  Say, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III, Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba, Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Aris…the list goes on.  To be able to capture fascinating people through the lens on one of the most important days of their lives- – not just their faces, but their state of being on that day- – that would be interesting!  But not as interesting as photographing our parents’ engagement and wedding photos, even their baby portraits!  Or to photograph our own wedding day!  I wonder how the ‘bride me’ would like the work of the ‘photographer me’.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Vladimir Victoria Studios

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

We are still new in what we do, but keeping it new is the crux.  Just because I have a kitchen doesn’t mean I am a chef.  The same principle applies in our profession.  You have to have the energy to sustain that desire to capture exceptional images.  Sustain is the keyword here.  It is too easy to copy and paste.  It is easy to be stagnant.  Cliche is easy.  It is easy not to care for the images you put out there.  Everyone has a camera nowadays, but not everyone is a photographer.  See photography as a profession.  See photography as an art.  See beyond the lens.  That will make all the difference…and your marketing skills.  Winks.

Thanks Adelle Victoria! For more about VladimirVictoriaStudios, check out their WeddingPhotoLove profile or head straight to their Facebook page.

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