Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: 3 Bees Paperie

Today’s wedding stationer interview is with Reena and Jaee of 3 Bees Paperie, based in New York, NY! Enjoy:

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

Jaee: A lot of our South Asian friends were getting married but instead of ordering wedding stationery from here in the US, they would often order their invitations from India or Pakistan. We’ve heard problems about gaudy design choices, poor paper quality, slow turnaround time, and poor customer service. I worked in the graphic design field for many years and even designed my own wedding stationery. Reena and I came together and realized there was a much needed market for modern, South Asian wedding stationery here in the United States.

Reena: My background isn’t in design but in marketing, communications, and the non-profit world.

We also wanted to make sure that in addition to making a great product, we also had a strong commitment to eco-friendly goods so we sourced out printers who had the same commitment and we use papers that are FSC-certified.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: 3 Bees Paperie

Photo Credit: Mariliana Arvelo

What is your favorite color combination?

Jaee: Warm tones such as oranges and reds matched with a cool color like turquoise or emerald.

Reena: I can’t pick! From a South Asian perspective, we are known to offer unique color combinations that stray away from traditional South Asian wedding colors (red, gold, and yellow). Our colors tend to be bright and varied.

Photo Credit: Mariliana Arvelo

What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

Jaee: We had a client who wanted a custom-designed invitation suite that incorporates traditional colors and motifs of Southern California with traditional colors and motifs of India. We spent a lot of time researching design from Southern California but the finished invitation suite is one of our favorites!

Reena: The client loved the invites so much she converted the design into her bridal shower cake!

Photo Credit: Mariliana Arvelo

Do you have a favorite typeface?

Jaee: Not really, there are too many to pick! A type face should complement the design but we do think it is also important for it to be readable.

Reena: I agree – I can’t pick either. What I love about our invitations is that we mix different fonts pretty well.

Photo Credit: Mariliana Arvelo

What is the most bizarre request you have received?

Reena: Every now and then we get requests from brides who want their invitations right away. We once had a bride who was on the West coast (we are on the East coast) and she wanted her invitations designed, printed, and in her hands the next day!! Obviously that is not going to happen!

Photo Credit: Mariliana Arvelo

Ampersand or the word “and?”

Jaee: Great question! It really depends on how formal the wedding is going to be.

Any advice for brides?

Reena: Start early! Too often, we find that brides leave their wedding stationery planning towards the latter half of their wedding planning process. I think many brides are not aware of the time involvement, especially with custom-designing wedding invitations. We encourage all brides to start their stationery planning towards the beginning of their wedding planning process, usually once they’ve set a budget, date, and location.

Jaee: In terms of design, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and motifs that represent the couple, their cultures, and/or the event.

Reena: And if you are on a budget, let your stationery designer know. They should be able to give you the look and feel of what you want, but be able to offer options that can reduce the cost.

Photo Credit: Mariliana Arvelo

Do you offer more than just stationery?

Jaee: We can look into printing almost anything for our clients and sometimes source out embellishments and favors as well. We’ve also done quite a bit of digital design for clients, such as digital party invitations or providing matching motifs for wedding websites. Aside from our wedding collections, we also have a birth announcement collection and a holiday card collection.

Reena: We love supporting fellow small businesses too and have done a lot of business design for small companies, such as logos and business card printing.

Thank you Ladies! For more about 3 Bees Paperie, check out their WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight to their website.

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