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Today’s wedding stationer interview is with Kelli of à deux, based in Boston, MA! I was able to meet her a few years back at a National Stationery Show event and she is so, so sweet—and an amazing stationer to boot! Enjoy:

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

After weeks of looking through wedding invitation catalogs in preparation for my 2005 wedding, I couldn’t find ANYTHING that felt like it was made just for us. It all looked the same. Boring paper, horrible graphics, minimal effort. None of it felt special enough so, in desperation, I designed my own invitations and got unexpected rave reviews. My background is graphic design and copy editing so it was almost a natural step to start a stationery business. When I launched in 2008, I vowed to be different. My business mission is to make sure wedding stationery isn’t ever generic. (That sounds more like a superhero motto than I intended.)

See more of the interview and Kelli’s gorgeous designs after the cut!

 Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux

What is your favorite color combination?

Purple is my favorite color. The right shade can act as a neutral and goes well with almost anything. I love to see it with gray/silver, which is pretty classic. Pairing it with fuchsia, teal or chartreuse can be bold and modern. Purple and gold is so opulent. I’ve even used an amethyst with a pale blue and cream that was unexpectedly great.

 Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux

What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

I try to make sure my stationery incorporates lots of personal touches. I’ve used buttons from a bride’s grandmother’s collection, for example. The most unique is probably one that we’re working on right now. I don’t want to give too much away since the wedding hasn’t happened yet but it involves a white crocodile and suede box, custom acrylic, glitter paper and a fantastic purple, pleated ribbon.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux

 Do you have a favorite typeface?

It’s hard to choose just one. I go through phases and moods with type. Right now my go-to’s are Goudy Old Style, Bellissima and Neutraface. I definitely love the flourish-y scripts for wedding invitations but it’s nice to use a slab serif like Trend for modern, casual affairs.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux

What is the most bizarre request you have received?

A couple chartered buses to transport guests from the ceremony to the reception. They wanted a custom wrapper for the bus with their monogram and a picture of them on it. Imagine a 10-foot sign with their faces on the side of bus. It was crazy.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux
Ampersand or the word “and?”

Ampersand as much as possible. I even have a favorite: Adobe Caslon Pro Italic. If I get a tattoo, it’s going to be that ampersand.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux
Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux

Any advice for brides?

Here are 3 things I tell everyone who comes to my studio: 1. Educate yourself about what you want vs. what you need for your wedding day. 2. Make sure you know what your budget will allow and what is off limits. Falling in love with a dress, flowers or venue you can’t afford only leads to heartbreak. 3. Instead of shopping price, work with vendors you click with, who “get” you and who can create exactly what you want within your budget.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux
Do you offer more than just stationery?

I often work with couples for more than a year. In building that relationship, we go through a lot together. I like to joke that, in addition to being a custom wedding stationer, I’m also an etiquette consultant, life coach and part-time therapist. Joking aside, I do everything from the save the dates to the thank-you notes. But I’ve also done custom 8-foot flags, reception signage, coasters,  … you name. If I can figure out how to make it for your wedding, I will.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: à deux

Thanks for sharing, Kelli! For more about à deux, check out their WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight to her website. You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram as well!

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