Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Adventure Storeys

Photo Credit: Michael Routhier

Last week we featured this marvelous invitation designed and printed by Adventure Storeys. Today we’re happy to introduce Taylor, one of the creative minds behind the scenes. Enjoy!

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

Back in the day, my husband Nathan and I met in art school. We bonded over art and design, and over time, one thing led to another, until we were designing our own wedding invitations. We loved the process of making something that was uniquely us and had the opportunity to really set the tone for what we wanted out of the wedding. These days, as a husband-wife team, Nathan is my go-to big idea man, while I do all the production and day-to-day. It’s so great to always have a male perspective on the design concept and wording. I think it shows as a very balanced vibe in our invitations, which makes them stand out against all the pink and lace.

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Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Adventure Storeys

What processes do you use to create invitations?

All of our invitations are letterpress printed on our 100-year-old printing press. The process for custom invitations starts with a bit of an interview getting to know the couple and what makes them tick. Then we sketch out on paper our designs, scan them into the computer, digitize, polish, and send them out for review. Whichever design is chosen then is turned into a printing plate, which we then set into our press and hand-feed each sheet of paper. For each color on a single invitation, it requires one run through the press, plus an additional run for any diecuts or extras. A lot of energy is put into each card, but I think you can really see it in the finished product. Letterpress has that tangible quality so unique to its process. There’s nothing else like it.

 Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Adventure Storeys

What is your favorite color combination?

We seem to do a lot of fall weddings, which I like, because I am naturally drawn to browns, oranges, and reds. Anything printed on kraft brown paper has been my instinctive go-to lately.

What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

The most unique invite we’ve done to date was probably the one we did for a couple that, during the design process, found out they were expecting a baby! They called us up and said, “We love the invitation with the two birds you designed for us, but can we add a baby bird in the middle??” It ended up being a wedding invitation and birth announcement in one!

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Adventure Storeys

Do you have a favorite typeface?

It all depends on the mood the couple is going for. I wouldn’t say we have a personal favorite, but we are kind of known for using multiple fonts in one design. I always love a good contrast. A few that work well for that are: Claire Hand for a casual/natural feel and Ostrich in a more modern design.

What is the most bizarre request you have received?

We love a good challenge. There have been a few cases of “opposites attract,” where one partner wants a beer and BBQ wedding, while the other wants a formal affair. I’d like to say the best thing to do, in that situation, is to play to that quirk of the couple. Design an invite that has those contrasting interests. For example, an ornate family crest, but with a video game controller subtly tucked away in the design. It can get pretty fun trying to balance ideas like that, and it really ends up showcasing the best characteristics of the couple.

 Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Adventure Storeys

Ampersand or the word “and?”

Either? Both? Neither? It all depends on the style of the invitation. A lot of times we’ll use a modified ampersand on a more hand-done or elaborate invitation, and then on the opposite end of the spectrum, use a “+” or “//” on a super modern design.

Any advice for brides?

Spend all of your budget on just a couple super rad things you can be enthusiastic about, rather than spreading it thin over a mediocre everything. Embracing what you are most passionate about will be exciting at the time, and will be what you will remember fondest in the future.

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Adventure Storeys

Do you offer more than just stationery?

We do! Anything you can do with a letterpress, we offer. Aside from any and all wedding materials and favors you can think of printing, we also design and print personal stationery, party invitations, baby announcements, business cards, product packaging, commissioned artwork, etc. We also have ready-made art prints, cards, and even letterpress-printed jewelry for sale on our Etsy shop.

Thanks Taylor! For more about Adventure Storeys, visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide Profile or head straight to their website.

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