Today’s interview features Eleanor of e.m.papers. She offers something quite unique for budget conscious brides – beautifully designed printables. I don’t want to give away the ENTIRE interview, so I’ll let you read on from here…

e.m.papers weddinginvitelove

Photograph of me (taken on my wedding day!) by Charlie Gesell

1. How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

The first invite I ever did was a collaboration with my Dad (who is a letterpress printer) for my Aunt’s wedding. This was years ago in the mid-nineties. I enjoyed it a lot, but the web was exploding, and I was seduced away from print design into becoming a digital designer. I had started e.m.papers before I got married, and knew that I wanted to add a line of wedding products, but producing my own wedding stationery was really instructive in the process of developing my line of printable wedding templates.

See more of e.m.papers pretty printables after the jump…

e.m.papers weddinginvitelove

2. What is your favorite color combination?

I can’t say I have a favorite combination, but there are colors I gravitate towards: black, red, lime green and orange-yellow.

e.m.papers weddinginvitelove

3. What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

I think the ‘Love Joy Happiness’ printable wedding set that I recently launched definitely stands out from a lot of the designs I see out there. Same thing with my ‘Circles’ design.

e.m.papers weddinginvitelove

4. Do you have a favorite typeface?

I tend to like minimalist, almost masculine typefaces. Two favorites that come to mind are Futura and Bebas (similar to Trade Gothic)

e.m.papers weddinginvitelove

5. What is the most bizarre request you have received?

I don’t do custom designs, and I was reminded of what a wise decision that was when a customer asked if I could somehow incorporate their two Shih Tzu dogs into their wedding invite.

e.m.papers weddinginvitelove

6. Ampersand or the word “and?”

Tough call, I’ll go with ampersand.

7. Any advice for brides?

Everything that feels like a life and death decision right now, isn’t. In retrospect you won’t remember all the agonizing decisions about decor or stationery, but rather the good time you had with family, loved ones and friends. Sounds a little trite, but it’s true.

e.m.papers weddinginvitelovee.m.papers weddinginvitelove

8. Do you offer more than just stationery?

Yep, I also offer items like printable calendars and bookmarks and I plan to offer more printable paper products in the future!

Find e.m.papers on WeddingInviteLove or visit her site for more!