Impress Me Designs is quite the well-rounded stationer. You’ll see why when you read about her most bizarre request! ;) Thanks so much for sharing your work and giving us such a wonderful interview today, Celeste!

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove1. How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember…about the age of 5 when I started drawing, but it wasn’t until I had my children that I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own business. I first started by teaching classes and selling crafting products to show others how to make fun and unique cards. From there it snowballed into more and more of my customers asking me to create the designs for them and voila, Impress Me Designs was born – August 2005 to be exact.

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Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

2. What is your favorite color combination?

My favorite color combination is blue in any and every shade.  I LOVE BLUE and I love it paired with fun bright colors like green apple green, pineapple yellow, etc.

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

3. What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

The most unique design was for a wedding themed after vintage canoes. I created a custom fishing fly with corduroy button closure on the front and then hand stamp an antique canoe on the inside of each invitation.

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

4. Do you have a favorite typeface?

My favorite typeface is Aphrodite Slim Pro. It is so much fun to use and the glyph choices go on forever giving it a new look every time I use it.

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

5. What is the most bizarre request you have received?

Can I create customized toilet paper for a bridal shower! Yep, we get all kinds of requests.

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

6. Ampersand or the word “and?”

I love both, but I do prefer the word “and.”

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

7. Any advice for brides?

Follow your heart and choose a design style that is best suited to you and your fiancé. Most advice columns indicate that 6 months prior is enough to begin your stationery search, but we believe that 8-10 months prior is best and allows you to select a design that best sets the tone and style of what’s to come at the wedding.

Impress Me Designs WeddingInviteLove

8. Do you offer more than just stationery?

We sure do. We design all “day-of” wedding stationery such as menus, seating/escort cards, table numbers and favors for each of your guests. We also create seating charts/scroll boards.

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