Sarah, of Sproullie Designs, is today’s WeddingInviteLove interview! We’re so happy to share more about Sarah and show you her great wedding stationery!

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

Photo by Tammy B Photography

1. How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

I made my own wedding invitations in 2007 and had people start asking me to do theirs after they saw mine. In less than a year, it went from just a fun “extra money hobby” to my main source of income. My dream of owning a full-time business for both my husband and I to work in came true.

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Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

 2. What is your favorite color combination?

I love blues and greens. Turquoise, lime and navy is my all-time favorite combination.

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

3. What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

We did an elaborate pocket invitation for a destination wedding in Ibiza, Spain with black lace, black feathers, swarovski crystals, multiple colored layers and silver ribbon. The colors were red, orange, hot pink and black and it had a “swanky gangsters – 1920’s” vibe. So fun and so unique!

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

4. Do you have a favorite typeface?

It changes all the time! My current faves are Carolyna and Little Miss Sunshine.

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

5. What is the most bizarre request you have received?

Hmmm… I get a lot of them since most of my work is custom. Most of my bizarre requests involve color combinations I wouldn’t necessarily try to put together by choice! Orange and seafoam green is one I’m seeing more of lately and I still can’t convince myself that I like it.

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

6. Ampersand or the word “and?”

Both :) It totally depends on the invitation design and the level of formality.

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

7. Any advice for brides?

Your invitations set the tone for your entire event. Make sure your invitations reflect your personality and the style of wedding you’re planning. It’s the one chance you have to make a great first impression on your guests.  Don’t miss the opportunity to WOW!

Sproullie Designs WeddingInviteLove

8. Do you offer more than just stationery?

Not currently. Stationery keeps me busy enough! I always think of other businesses I’d like to start, but paper is my first love :)

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