I’m almost done with the Fall WeddingLovely Lookbook (eii!) so expect an announcement about that sometime next week… but I still have a collection of print Spring WeddingLovely Lookbooks I bought for myself that are simply collecting dust. So in honor of next week’s (hopeful) launch of the Fall WeddingLovely Lookbook, we’re having a giveaway!

Prizes up for grabs:

  • Six New York City WeddingLovely Lookbooks.
  • Three San Francisco Bay Area WeddingLovely Lookbooks
  • Nine winners, who will get one Lookbook each!


  • Simply leave a comment saying which WeddingLovely Lookbook you’d like.
  • I’ll randomly pick six people to win from the people who want the NYC WeddingLovely Lookbook and three people to win a Bay Area WeddingLovely Lookbook!
  • Contest closes on Friday at 9pm PST.
  • I’ll send a Lookbook anywhere, so feel free to enter your name and have me send the prize somewhere else!

See the full Spring WeddingLovely Lookbook here:

Best of luck!