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If you’re planning to have a rustic wedding and are in need of some fashion inspiration, then today’s lovely guest post brought to us by Wedding Forward (Toronto, ON) is for you!

The current rustic wedding trend is a very freedom-loving style, but with the small bit of pompous luxury. The traditional rustic fashion emerged as part of the everyday garb of American gold miners in the 19th century. A few decades later, fashionable women from the 70s recalled it. And in 2009, the rustic style again returned triumphantly to the catwalks, remaining in the hearts of both fashionistas and wedding designers. Moreover, it remains relevant to the present day. How rustic style presents in the current wedding style? How to choose the rustic ball gowns for the rustic wedding ceremony? And what are the most popular rustic wedding dresses for today? Read below!

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Find the Right Country-Worthy Wedding Dress

Traditional rustic/country wedding style includes genuine leather, nubuck, suede and denim fabric. This does not mean that you have to cut in leather or denim dress. Add some elements from these materials and you keep up with fashion. And here are a couple of ideas for inspiration:

  • Cape or jacket over a dress, a bandage on hair, shoes or clutch made from denim.
  • Belt for a dress, jewelry, clutch, boots, sandals or ballet flats made from leather.

But not every wedding dress supplemented by such accessories is a rustic wedding style. Below we describe the favorite country-worthy wedding dresses that perfectly fit into the concept of a rustic wedding style.

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Rustic Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding dresses in country style can be vintage, boho, designer, coast, and country dresses.

Vintage wedding dresses mainly feature the use of handmade lace. All the dress, sheaths, or some individual elements, for example, sleeves can be decorated with lace. In the summertime, the lace wedding dress does not threaten you, because the lace fabric easily passes fresh air.

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Boho wedding dresses in bridal collections go with environmentally friendly natural materials, like linen fabric with ethnic elements, silk, chiffon. They look gentle, romantic and refined thanks to their length of maxi, high waist, lace and exquisite embroidery on fabrics.

Designer rustic wedding dresses typically look like a mix of a daring country style, bohemian chic and glossy outfits of fashionistas. This is an elusive feeling of freedom, energy, and beauty, which combines relaxed casual and the hottest trends of Haute couture. You can find in collections of Inmaculada García, Jenny Packham, Sophia Tolli, Lazaro and many other designers. Look for the best rustic wedding dresses here.

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The coast format of a wedding makes it possible to dress up in such a way as to look like a pagan goddess or a fairy mermaid. The relaxed atmosphere of the coast wedding ceremony allows you to choose a simple but elegant A-line country wedding dress with satin or lace flowers, like the foam of sea waves, shiny crystals, ribbons, bows and other rustic settings.

As jewelry, pearl threads, silver bracelets, and small earrings are suitable. The shoes should be special, you will not go on the stilettos on the sand, but it is very convenient in sandals without heels, ballet shoes or barefoot. But, the sea makes everyone more relaxed, probably, therefore, many brides are not averse to flirting and choose defiantly short looks for the coast ceremony. The length of a lush skirt and style determines the figure of the bride. A universal choice is short dresses, a tight-fitting silhouette up to the hips, turning into a multilayered bottom.

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Sparkling Bridal Collections For Rustic Chics

Wedding sparkling bridal collections dresses is an excellent way to shine at a wedding brighter than the sun and blind all with your beauty. The sparking effect can be achieved with the help of sequins, rhinestones, metalized yarns in the composition of tissues. Sometimes shiny elements trim the skirt of the dress, more often a corset and the last tendency is to make a completely sparking wedding dress.

Armed with the knowledge of rustic wedding dresses, you can safely go for the purchase of your fashionable dress or the material for its tailoring. And do not forget about suitable accessories! Good luck!

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