Summer Wedding Flower Guide

There is no specific season of love. If you find the right partner, each day is Valentine’s Day and every season is perfect for your wedding. As for flowers, there are always plenty of options no matter what season you choose for the wedding. If you’re worried about finding appropriate flowers during summer weddings, there is absolutely no reason to be stressed about it.

Summer is the season for beautiful blooms but you have to be extra careful while maintaining them. The sun can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Here are few tips to help you plan about flowers for your summer wedding.

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Suitable flowers in summer

Sticking to seasonal flowers is always budget-friendly and it gets even better if you order bulk flowers. At first, we made a list of flowers that are available in summer. Research about these flowers and know about their colors and perfume. Consult with your florist about the ones that are locally produced to make the delivery process more convenient for you.

The popular wedding flowers for summer include chamomile daisies, garden roses, sunflowers, dahlias, lavenders, succulents, sweet peas, hydrangea, peonies, and gerberas. All these flowers come in beautiful color shades and you can easily choose them according to your theme.

Wedding Florals for Summer

Summer shades and styles

Since the hard part of researching summer flowers is over, now you need to understand the summer wedding styles and how you can align the flowers with them. Summer shades can be bright, earthy, sweet or even subtle. Yes, you got that right! Summer weddings can be almost in all kinds of shades giving you a chance to wed in your preferred style.

Summer Wedding Flower Advice

Summer flowers according to theme

If you have your mind set on a certain theme, the good news is there’s plenty of flowers relevant to each theme during summer. Couples sometimes worry that summers might not be suitable for particular themes. But that’s not exactly true! Both the flowers and themes are in abundance during summer.

Summer themes include the beach, outdoor, rustic, vintage, picnic, poolside, enchanted forest, Hawaii, garden, retro and many more. Sunflowers, drape dragons, bluebonnets and daisies are our personal favorite for any summer themed wedding. They give off a vibrant and bright look to give in to the mood of celebration.

Wedding Flowers for Summer

For the floral accessories

Floral crowns are the most suitable during this season. The bridesmaids, flower girls and even the bride herself look stunning with floral crowns or floral headpieces. Brides go for loose braids or simple curls with flowers in between. Customized floral headpieces are getting popular too nowadays.

Besides these, corsages and boutonnieres are common for basically all seasons. Shades of pink, purple or red flowers look the most gorgeous during this bright season.

Dahlias, daisies, carnation, succulents and baby’s breath would be suitable for making floral accessories.

Guide to Summer Wedding Florals

Color palette for summer

The color palette for summer flowers is usually the personal favorites for floral designers. Modern and contemporary couples go for more of a bold statement with more energetic colors. Yellow, purple and blue would be the most appropriate color scheme for any themed wedding of summer.

Clichéd colors would be shades of orange, fuchsia, green, hot pink and even chocolate brown. Summer brings subtle colors as well that includes aubergine, aqua blue, and light green.

So, it is safe to assume that summer brings out the most versatile color palette among all other seasons.

Summer Wedding Flower Tips

Fragrance of summer flowers

Summer season comes with a few drawbacks as well. The heat might make the guests uncomfortable. Flowers are there to save the day even then. While choosing wedding flowers, choose those that have a soothing smell. The calm and composed fragrance helps to create a beautiful ambiance despite the heat and sun. Try and stick to two to three types of flowers only that provide complimentary smells. Few flower categories help you to buy bulk flowers and save you from the delivery hassle.

Summer Wedding Flower Guide

Maintenance of summer flowers

This is the most important factor for summer weddings. You need to choose the flowers that have more longevity. Go for sunflowers, lily or lilacs if your wedding is a day-long ceremony. In case of short events, roses and hydrangeas would be appropriate. Buy bulk flowers so that it becomes easier for you to maintain.

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