There is a few more days left in our National Stationery Show giveaway (simply comment to enter!), but I found out yesterday I made a big oops. A really big oops. Apparently, not only did I fail to credit Amber of Flywheel Press for being the genius behind the recipe card project, I also forgot to pick up Flywheel Press’s card! I rectified that today, picking up the card shown above (isn’t that die-cut gorgeous?) and the card *will* be added to the giveaway stack.

(photo from Dingbat Press)

Alas, that doesn’t quite complete the set — apparently I’m missing Dingbat Press‘s as well! The black colophon card was given to me by Adrienne of Dingbat Press, but apparently the real card showed up late to the show and I didn’t get it. The above image is the only image that I could find of the card (unlike Flywheel Press, Dingbat Press isn’t local to me) but it’s being sent out to me and I guarantee that the card will be in the winner’s package.

Phew. How embarrassing!

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