One of the biggest trends making its way into today’s weddings is to move away from the more traditional and find fun new ways to make the wedding unique and memorable. Well, chew on this – a delicious way to do something different is with the wedding dessert!

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

Photo via flickr: Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

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Of course there are plenty of modern brides who are going with the tried and true wedding cake, but don’t expect to feast your eyes on a stacked cake at every reception you attend. What’s old is inevitably new again, and vintage is the latest modern fad that has made its way into everything wedding, from the fashions right down to your dessert fork. So, you may just find that instead of one stacked cake, you’ll have the option of diving into several different smaller cakes, each designed differently (yet coordinated) and in various sizes displayed on cute and pretty vintage cake stands! This look is wonderfully 50’s yet totally now, so you can still have your traditional wedding “cake” and have a modern look too!


Cupcakes stormed onto the wedding scene in a massive way a few years back, and have won its food fight with wedding cakes, staking their place in weddings even today. Five years ago, cupcakes at a wedding would seem downright rebellious, but now wedding guests aren’t surprised to see these individualized sweet treats awaiting them on a towering vintage cupcake stand as they enter a reception. So, why have cupcakes become a wedding goodie? Not only do they lend themselves to a vintage and non-traditional wedding feel, but they also allow for a couple’s creativity (and their baker’s) to thrive. Cupcakes can be different flavors to please every guests’ tastes in dessert, and they can each be designed differently to show off your sassy and yummy style. Plus, you can provide some adorbs little favor boxes for your guests to take a sweet little something home as a favor from your day. Bring your cupcakes into 2012 with a creamsicle-style cupcake in the Pantone Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango!

Cake Pops

Believe it or not, cupcakes aren’t the most miniature-sized cakes making the wedding rounds – little balls of cake known as cake pops have popped onto the wedding scene in a major way! Think a lollipop, made out of one perfectly delicious bite-sized ball of cake. What’s not to love? Not only are cake pops a super cute treat for all of your guests that come in any flavors you choose, but you can even have cake pops custom designed to have your initials, sport your color theme, or even have them designed with tuxes and bridal gowns. A fab addition to your décor that will look so good you almost won’t want to eat them. Almost.

Macarons and Whoopie Pies

Finally, we can’t have a convo about bite-sized yumminess without talking about macarons and whoopie pies. These delicious mini munchies are like tiny dessert sandwiches filled with creamy centers, and come in every flavor and color you can possibly imagine. A plate piled high with these little treats will add a whimsical yet still classy look to your dessert table. A fun alternative to the wedding cake that your guests will eat up!

So if you’re in the market for a wedding dessert but aren’t so sure the typical wedding cake fits your style, opt for one of these deliciously sweet dessert ideas for an unforgettable (and yummy!) wedding.

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