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The other day I was on a call with a client explaining that she needs to set up a Twitter account for her photography business and her response was, “Stacy, you’re going to have to sell me on twitter because I don’t think I need it”.

My client, as well as some of you may be familiar with this line: “I don’t need to tell the world what I’m eating for breakfast, so why would I be on Twitter?” Right – you don’t need to post a play-by-play of your day but you do need to leverage Twitter and its powerful capabilities for your business.

Used correctly, Twitter can position you as a thought leader in your industry, land you enviable job opportunities and allow you to connect directly with your customers.

Top Benefits of Twitter:

  1. Twitter is mobile: Many people stay up to speed on Twitter through their phone or tablet – your followers may be on the go, but they are staying connected
  2. Twitter has a 140 character limit – Because Twitter limits the number of characters per tweet, your feed is not being bogged down and people are forced to be thoughtful with their tweets
  3. Twitter is instant- Because Twitter updates are instant you are on the pulse of news and industry opportunities
  4. Twitter has a captive audience – Your followers are waiting for your information and Twitter provides a great platform for you to connect with people who are a good fit for your business
  5. Twitter is a networking tool — Twitter allows you to connect directly with others you may want to work with, a magazine where you would love to have your work published, or even a silent follower who is considering booking you!

Hopefully I’ve persuaded those of you who may be skeptical of Twitter or think that it’s not necessary for your business to hop on the bandwagon!

What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

Afraid of Twitter? Not sure how to use it? Click HERE

Stacy Wichelhaus is the owner of Hello Cupcake Public Relations – a boutique public relations firm for the Wedding Industry.  Stacy is also a stationery designer for Hello Cupcake Creations and she, her husband and their furry baby Ginger live in San Francisco.