Hen Party

For some women, organising a hen party is a dream. It’s the excitement of their best friend getting married, being a part of their special day and celebrating it with her. Normally by getting her hideously drunk and embarrassing her.

For this reason, the idea of coordinating a hen do is a nightmare for some people. I’d consider myself to be in this category. There’s nothing worse I can think of than being responsible for ‘fun’ activities that cater for everyone’s tastes with the mentality similar to that of New Year’s Eve – everyone must have a good time!

Does that make me a bit of a hen Scrooge? Perhaps so but I’d just want something a bit more interesting than the typical cheesy ‘hen do’, and ideally, I’d want someone to take the pain out of arranging the entertainment. That’s why hen do organisers like Hen Heaven are brill – it’s hassle-free! So let’s forget about the L plates and inflatable dolls and look at hen party ideas that are a bit more appealing.

If you’ve ever fantasised about being the next Girls Aloud, a hen night spent in a recording studio is the perfect chance. Get all your girls together, practice your singing voices and belt out your favourite tune – then get a CD at the end of it to relive the day! And at least this way, you can embarrass the hen among friends.

Of course, when you’ve got your number one single and you’re flooded with requests to perform on TV, you’ll need to have a dance routine sorted. So be one step ahead and get your girls signed up for street dance classes. You could learn to breakdance and body pop like a pro – or at least take a step in the right direction. As a bonus you could look like these guys:

At least in your head.

If something a little lower key is your bag, then try perfume making. Learn about the history of perfumery and the art of selecting and combining scents before creating your own that you can take away with you at the end of the day. You could then wear your unique fragrance on your wedding day as a memory of your hen do.

Otherwise, what’s more indulgent than a pamper day for you and your friends? I love going to a spa as you get treated like royalty for the day and come out feeling fantastic – relaxed and refreshed. It’s the ultimate stress-reliever so the bride will no doubt love it too. You can each choose your treatment – back massage, pedicure, facial and so on – and chill out together with a glass of wine or a herbal tea.

For those that feel a little more energetic, you should try an extreme sports or activity-based hen do. Jumping out of a plane, learning to wakeboard or mountain biking will be the setting of a day you’ll never forget. Alternatively, you could try a treasure hunt or real life Cluedo in the form of a murder mystery night. Although to save you the time, it was probably Colonel Mustard. It’s always that sneaky Colonel Mustard.