Holiday Card Design Roundup: Quirky Designs

Thanksgiving is over, bellies have been stuffed, trees are being ordered… and now it’s time for holiday cards! WeddingLovely works with over 800 amazing stationers through our dedicated wedding stationer directory, WeddingInviteLove, and many (if not most!) of those designers are offering beautifully designed holiday cards as well. This week we’re highlighting our favorites, starting with these quirky and fun designs!

See all the great designs after the cut…

e.m. papers: holiday card design roundup

e.m. papers‘ designs (WeddingInviteLove profile) are always a delight (including the slightly eeugh one above!) Even better, this design is a printable and includes a template for a cheap DIY holiday card solution.

sofia invitations: holiday card design roundup

Love this interesting wood veneer card by Sofia Invitations (WeddingInviteLove profile), through her new company Pinpoint Creative Studio. What an interesting design!

two tone press: holiday card design roundup

Hilarious and awesome design — I’m loving this design by Two Tone Press (WeddingInviteLove profile).

spilled ink press: holiday card design roundup

These funny architectural cards are offered by Spilled Ink Press (WeddingInviteLove profile). I’ve always loved architectural drawings, so I’m a huge fan!

concertina press: holiday card design roundup

I love this amazing, gorgeous, and hilarious holiday nautical design by Concertina Press (WeddingInviteLove profile). Ruth says, “designed using antique scientific illustration and some artistic license!” — love it!

kid icarus: holiday card design roundup

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite holiday kitty — Grumpy Cat by Kid Icarus (WeddingInviteLove profile). Fill in the card with your own grumpy greeting!

So many great designs to come — stay tuned for more holiday card roundups every day this week!

What’s your favorite? Any fun quirky designs from around the web that we missed?