If you’re looking for wedding flower inspiration, you’ve com to the right place. Our friends at Wedding Boutique Phuket have created a beautiful and informative guest post all about choosing the perfect flowers for your big day!

When you start to imagine your Wedding Day you have to keep in mind that an important part of your budget will cover the floral arrangement. So, it’s very important to take the right decision! Your Wedding Planner will help you focusing on the perfect blooms for your Big Day.

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The first consideration we have to do concerns colors. Nature is very helpful creating million shades from greenery to pastel and vibrant tones. We will help you narrowing down the tones, after having decided your Wedding Color Palette. For our Bride Telia, we opted for a rich Flower Crown and a round shape Bouquet.
We chose different shades of peach & light pink with some spot of tropical orange, the perfect match with the silver grey of succulents.This matching has been spotless for her Boho-Romantic sunset Wedding on Private Pier.

For Alyona, our Russian Bride and her Luxury Wedding on a Boat we decided for bright tones of pink coral and orange. Perfectly matching with her skin and hair tones! This shades give to this Bride more lights and She (and her Wedding too) shines bright like a diamond!

Another thing to keep in mind is the atmosphere of the Event. In order to set a perfect frame for the Couple and their Guests, the kind of flowers and the style of the composition are essential. If you decide for a Romantic Wedding Day, Peonies, Lishianthus, Hydrangeas and Chinese Roses, in soft pastel shades, are what you need. A bit of gypshophila and dusty miller leaves will help to keep the pale tones of the whole event.

We love to add some unforgettable small details to our Signature Bouquets! Look at this hanging vintage key for Ivy’s “The Key of Love” Wedding theme. And of course, cascades of ivy for a fairy tale effect! If you want to give a very chick touch to a Romantic blush Bridal Bouquet, just add a spot of blue! That’s a perfect combination. And how cute are Jasmine’s tea cups centerpieces? They smells so good on the table.

Dreaming of a Tropical Twist? Phalaenopsis and a lot of greenery are the best choice. This is a top trend right now. Add a touch of gold, and it will be breathtaking! Our Bride Vickie and her Bridesmaids were simply stunning in theyr sparkling outfits and tropical Bouquets.

Tropical style can be mixed with Boho as well! This Couple was really attentive to organic materials and food, so we designed for theme a purely Tropical Botanical themes with Flowers and Fruits! Mixing eucalyptus leaves with rosemary, white Phalaenopsis and yellow ranuncolous for the Bouquet. Having Palm leaves with fresh white orchids, pineapples and lemon on the Tables! Of course the Guests Favors were organic Honey Jars.

We definitely love to use a lot of Greenery for our setups, it gives a very boho and fairy tale effect to every event, and we can either use it with the most traditional color of hot pink! flowers have an important role in your Wedding Day, and they can be the protagonists of the design of your event if you use them in big (but elegant) quantities! This combination of red, peach and soft pink blooms on the setting table and became the central focus of Chen and Ting reception dinner. Nobody will forget about this setup!

Don’t be scared to dare darker tones: purple and burgundy are two trendy shade that your Wedding Planner will be able to wisely combine for a very sophisticated mood! Just need to add gold elements, candles and lights to light up your romantic night! Not forgetting we are based in Thailand, we adore to explore the different kind of local tropical flowers that Nature offers to use. Being Unique is our aim! Lianne asked for a very classic romantic theme in peach & coral tones. Have you ever seen this beautiful tropical coral flower?

Your Wedding Dress is tight with soft shine silk fabric? A stunning option could be a long Bouquet that gently flows on your silhouette. Lilac & Purple are among the most requested colors from our Brides, however we wish to give every Bride something unique and never boring! For Susan we designed a casual beach wedding mixing some rustic wooden elements with chic touches of silver. They used to say that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but for us flowers are a Bride’s best friends!

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